Thursday, October 7, 2010

Radio Shows

I'll be on Maggie's Unsolicited Truth Radio Show tomorrow at 5:15 pm Eastern.

Went on Rense a couple weeks ago and he's going to send me an mp3 file. I'll post it when I get it.

As soon as I'm resettled I'll be contacting the other shows who invited me on over the past summer. I guess my "vacation" from the ACL is over.


Paul Barnes said...

I look forward to it Niki. I'll be listening.

katko said...

Hey Niki,
Glad you're doin' more radio.
I'm in Moab, Utah now-moved far from Spokass, Weighsaton to the canyon country. Good to be a desert dweller again.
Has there been much communitarian vampirism here in Moab that you know of?
Folks here are more aware of what's going on than folks in most places.
Any tips would be appreciated.