Friday, October 22, 2010

Is resistance really futile?

It made me very sad to learn Joan Veon passed away a few days ago. We learned about Agenda 21 from her and Berit Kjos. Had it not been for these women and all their posted research on the conferences they attended, it may have taken me a lot longer to expand ACL research to the global level. Devvy Kidd's tribute to Joan's generous contributions to the resistance is at newswithviews; she encourages everyone to use the links to Joan's archives.

Both Nordica and I will be guests on George Butler's radio show this coming Monday at CORRECTION! 5 to 6:15 pm CST. Last time I was on George's show he was live at Texas A&M when Obama was on campus promoting Community Volunteerism (along with Bush's 1000 Points of Light Foundation). He's a very sweet man and it should be a lot of fun having Nordica do a show with him.

In case you haven't been there lately, Nordica revised the entire ACL website. We're also in the process of editing, revising and combining 2020 and the Manifesto into one perfectly bound book. This new 2 book edition may be pre-sold for a limited time. They'll include something "special" for the early buyers.Our friend Sean suggested we make a limited run of DVDs with ten hours of my guest appearances on radio shows, and I like that idea.

I just learned that one of our closest ACL affiliates has been gang stalked. It's the first time that I know of this happening to one of our tiny group of researcher/writers. We've had a few weird things happen to us in Kenny Lake but nothing like what happens when people are actually stalked by these Palmach terrorist groups.. I will ask him to write about the whole experience so I can add it to 2020 under the chapter on Community Oriented Policing. The new communitarian COPS don't just use police as "social resources", they use them in other more innovative and talmudic ways too.

Which reminds me. Amitai Etzioni sent me a group email about this anti Afghan war article he just wrote for CNN. He's going back to his Berekely SDS roots: he's going to help us restart the "peace" movement. He describes his background as an Israeli "commando" and (again) uses it to prove he knows so much about war that he's now against it. He also assures us the Afghan people are stuck in the 12th century and can never become what Germany and Japan became after the Americans rebuilt those nations. Etzioni writes about the Middle Eastern nations as if they're somehow sooo backward. He helped me to realize the Islamic nations are the biggest barrier to sadistic, elitist global government, not the so called "Christian" nations. The Christian "west" has been long over run by the "eastern" invaders. Today the entire western world worships and makes war under the banner of British American Zionism, it's practically the state religion. And yes, I know, the only people Americans are "allowed" to call their enemies are the people in the tribes who will fight the British-Zionist global government to the death.

Obama's Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske's COMPASS program was pilot tested on Seattlites in 1999. COMPASS was the COPS' database program designed to help local community developers to rebuild "better" neighborhoods. It collected many levels of information about the people living in the neighborhood, their financial records, employment, unemployment, medical. legal, criminal, health etc. and one mapping layer included "annecdotal data."

Today almost ALL American police have laptop computers with COMPASS (or some sort of "mapping" database) in their cars. COPS' Fusion Centers are where the information about people is gathered, sorted, stored and distributed. This innovative mapping program allows COPS and the new communitarian LA21 development teams access to all kinds of information about private citizens. Big Mother's field agents are high tech soothsayers.

Americans would like to believe they have somehow retained their "freedom" and "independence" when every move they make can easily be monitored by Israeli trained COPS/thugs who use "concerned citizens" as snitches. I wonder how this borrowed Chinese idea of using the police as social resources is going to turn out for our people. What's going to happen to the people who refuse to go along with the new values? Which ones are they? Do we need to know? Will people identified as a "problem" get points with the new guards if they turn over their friends and family members who say "anti-govt" things? So what was really IN all those Stassi files the East German government was so reluctant to release after the "fall" of communism? (And was that when we moved into the communitarian synthesis?)

Will gangstalkers and public health searchers (like Dawson) evolve into kidnappers and death squads? DEA and SWAT already have. What do we do when our neighbors get dragged off in the middle of the night by the SWAT or the community police? That's easy to predict, isn't it? We'll do nothing, besides maybe hope we're not next on the community developer's "hit list". But then there are those few among us who will resist, who will risk their lives and reputations to stand up and defend the rights and liberties of ALL people, no matter who they are or what they have.

Here's an interesting article that uses Chilkoot Charlies motto to teach about the scam:


Doug Plumb said...

That is terrible news about Joan Veon, she did so much work to expose the agenda. This is the first time I heard this.

the tent lady said...

Yes, terrible news because Joan Veon was a genuine beacon of truth and essential education. I always hoped she would expand her writing about communitarianism. she did mention it ocassionally. And because I still dream I thought maybe someday I would get to meet her and shake her hand and then give her a big Alaskan bear hug.

Kevin Eggers said...


One of the first books I purchased when I learned about Agenda 21 was Joan Veon's United Nations Global Strait Jacket. I've also purchased some of her videos over the years. There are so many pieces to this Global puzzle and Joan helped make sense of what was really happening. She will be missed.

Your work on communitarianism is so important Niki.

Thank you for all that you are doing,

Kevin Eggers

Paul: Barnes said...

Yes, sad news, I have her video the Global Connection. She will be missed. There are so few you can trust these days for reliable information that does not mislead, eh Niki?