Thursday, October 28, 2010

Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act

gertee's new living area

everything connected to the outside goes by the door

Got this expose of Lisa Murkowski in an email tonight, thought I'd pass it on. Interesting how the group opposing the "socialists" Murkowski teamed up with failed to notice the Third Way makeup of the Senators. Evan Bayh is the chairman of the Third Way in the Senate. The old ACL website used to have a page called "Bayhwatch." Murkowski didn't jump party lines; she's a communitarian.

Also got a message from Alaskan Alan Dick's state campaign in the mail today. I met him and his wife at the Kenny Lake Fair. He's a goodhearted right wing conservative who has no idea what role the term "conservative" plays in the dialectic. I liked him and his forthrightness and the rationale for his convictions. I couldn't help myself, after we talked I ran home and grabbed 2 copies of our books and gifted them to him. He emailed soon after but I lost internet for a while and forgot to respond. I'm almost tempted to sign up to vote... must be having a weak moment.


Anonymous said...

Hey sister, your ending cracked me up!

Your gertees looks warm, organized and inviting. Another talent you have is decorating! Besides being the architect:)

Love and miss you, Kath

the tent lady said...

i wish you could see it now Kath, everyone who comes inside stands there gaping... the UPS guy said he has no idea it could look like that from the outside appearance. it's kind of like when mom and Dave fixed up that house in the Highlands and left the front yard cruddy looking so nobody would rob them. heard berger wants a gertee now too.. that's so funny. i love and miss you and i love my new chainsaw and will see you soon!