Saturday, March 6, 2010

Interest grows in anti communitarian theory

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I'm getting more pleas for a simplified explanation of anti communitarian thinking. Must be because Clinton is going around the country telling us we have to be more communitarian

Here's a response I sent to my mother this morning, with all the typos fixed. :) Please feel free to add comments and share with my mom what anti communitarianism is for you, or anything else relevant to this. My mom is not the only one asking for a simple explanation, and I know that anti communitarianism is defined differently by everyone who understands it. That's the nature of the beast. Communitarian solutions require dialectical conflicts, and we have all been trained to think and fight dialectically. But not all our differences are dialectical, and I know that if we agree on one piece of this, we don't always agree on another. What's the bottom line to you?

Dear mom,
Communitarianism is the theory behind the emerging global government. It over rules all US law and replaces it with communitarian supremacy of law (EU, WTO, NAFTA, etc.) It's been introduced under treaties (Law of the Sea, Kyoto, etc) and under the Administrative Procedures Act of1946 (agency regulations). The blueprint for changing the global landscape is called UN Local Agenda 21.

The global system is based in self appointed community councils who direct all private and public resources. According to the gurus (and yes Clinton is one of them)all rights to privacy and property are barriers to peace and global prosperity; communitarianism promises all wealth will be gathered and redistributed amongst the poor nations who suffered so long from Western greed and gluttony.This is why Seattle had the new "right" to enter our homes without a legal search warrant. Under communitarian law, ALL individual rights must be "balanced" against the rights of the undefinable, vague community, who have their own new police force introduced under Clinton, called community policing. (I have many recent quotes of Clinton on the ACL homepage,

I am opposed to elimination of US law without a constitutional amendment approved by 3/4ths of the state legislatures, as per our constitutional requirements. If this isn't what you wanted or you want to know more, we just restocked 2020: Our Common Destiny. That's the most simplified explanation of the system we've written. I also highly recommend you read our Anti Communitarian Manifesto,, available free online or in hardcopy collector's editions. Part I will be difficult since you have no education in philosophy, but please plod through even where you don't understand it. In the end you will, I promise.

Mom, our thesis against communitarianism has been studied by university students AND professors for eight years... and no one has ever rebutted us. Our work has been introduced in Vassar College Seminars on Quality of Life, it's been included in National Association of Scholars research into communitarian residence life movements. I can assure you I have established myself globally as a credible researcher, I am the expert, and my audience is world wide.

If it sounds like I was bragging too much, I was, but like Kathy says, in our family if you don't brag, nobody listens to you. America is a lot like that too. Raised in American "no brag just facts" territory, I also know my words must counter what other words are often used to describe me, my lifestyle, and my work. I wanted to plant the possibility in my mother that my anti communitarian stand is right and just, that it has value, and that I can claim a certain amount of respect for what I've accomplished. I added that I love her, because I do, but I forgot to add the line I came up with during a radio interview last year: Communitarianism is best defined as Rule By Permit Only.

Been thinking about gertee so much lately, it's hard to get my head back around my ACL arguments. Part of me would rather not, and like I told Susan (who reminded me how many other times I've said this), I am again thinking very seriously about ending this blog and letting it stand as it is. There's not much more I can add to my argument. All I can do is follow communitarianism's rapid global development, witness more people I love fawning all over it and listen to everyone repeating communitarian lingo... what's the point of that?

I have 2 radio interviews coming up, March 14th 7pm CST on Intelstrike with Michael Vail and April 13, 9pm MTN with Melodee at The TruthQuest with guest co-host Lark! Links to both show hosts are on the right side, under Radio Interviews. They will probably be my last ones. Now that everyone in the US recognizes there are new rules, it's going to get even uglier out there, and I just can't imagine following every yukky way this thing goes down.
Watching my people flounder and drown is not how I plan to spend my last years of freedom. I want to live as if there are no communitarians anywhere, make my daily plans as if I hold all the natural born liberties that my constitution says I hold. Like dad always said, "the best defense is a good offense," and I further agree with another Friedrich named List, too.
I do believe the way we take back America is to take back our land, our natural resources and rebuild upon our local industry and agriculture. The US national system of high tariffs and fair trade with equals existed long before the national socialist model adopted by the Nazis.
Communitarian "balancing" eliminates the balance between national industry and agriculture. That's the ONLY "balance" the USA needs. We are still (on the books) a constitutional republic where the legitimate law exists only to protect individual citizens' life, liberty and property. It's always been about the land, and everything on it. The question is, who owns it? Even Lenin talked about that being our only strength as a nation. Without it, without our land and the right to use it and manage it as we see fit, we have nothing solid to sustain us, and our nation becomes dependent on the empire for all its necessities... just like the good old colonial days. Visit any American Indian reservation if you have any question about what happens when you lose your right to control your economic landscape.
So, because I can, I will try to do my duty and part, as an American (and not a global communitarian subject). I will start a homegrown business, create industry and find ways to take our goods to the marketplace. I'm certain I will see how many communitarian regulations my American freedoms violate, particularly since the whole new system is modeled after the system built by our Soviet allies in Israel.

As a freeborn citizen of the state of Alaska, I have the God given, natural right to do it all. I was raised to honor my heritage. I was told to think and then freely act upon my moral obligations, which moral men and women do naturally recognize. I was endowed with great respect for my ancestors, who put their lives on the line to defend my God given rights, because the world holds many men who seek to make me and my offspring slaves. I look at my children and my children's children and I can only weep when I verify the most horrific truths of what the future looks like for Nordica and Nolan, let alone Freddie's generation. I see an America ruled by the same principles ruling Gaza, the ME poster child for universal communitarian peace. I can only live each day with gratitude that we are not there yet, and every day we're not is a blessed gift.


overtheedge said...

Here are my observations and tentative conclusion.

Our nation was founded upon the premise of bottom-up government. The Supreme Court has made it clear that all powers originate and reside with the people.

We now have a concerted effort by local, state and federal government to help local communities and civic groups with assessing community resources and planning the future utilization and allocation of these resources. To accomplish these purposes, government agencies offer grants of public monies. These public monies come from taxes and the printing press.

As part of this effort, government agencies offer key talking points that are of concern. As an additional aid to the local planning committees, strategies and tactical methods are taught by government representatives or their contracted agents. Effectively, the local concerns are just national concerns brought down to local level.

Coming back to local resource assessments, closer inspection reveals that these are NOT public resources, but rather private properties and personal skills. Your property, real and chattel, are community assets. Your skills, vocational and avocational, are community assets. Your person and everything you think you own are just part of the community's pool of assets.

Each person and their belongings are public property. The public has the final decision on the value and utilization of you and your supposed property. You, I and everyone else are slaves to the public good.

This might seem a bit more palatable if the local committees and their decisions reflected the concerns of the entire community. However, the committees were formed by a select group with a specific agenda and organized to make participation in the decision making process more difficult for the community at large. The dates, times and locations for the meetings reflect an ominious trend to control participation. Close inspection of the committee's organization will reveal two common threads. Many of the active board members and participants are government employees or spouses. Each central committee maintains several sub-ordinate committees that have seperate times, dates and locations for conducting their planning meetings.

We have a couple major problems facing the concerned citizens. The local community planning group is so diffuse that participation is impossible and their planning process is unknown. Most people, however concerned, remain outside the decision making loop. Each central group has government sponsorship by way of government funding and suggested steering. The central committee has the air of legitimacy. Local courts tend to decide in favor of the community at large as represented by the "committee."

The freedoms we hold most dear are under assault. "We are all in this together." Some to help themselves to your property and others to defend our private property rights. From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs. Almost sounds like tax and spend politics, eh?

the tent lady said...

Thank you for this! I'm emailing it to my mom right now. You give a vivid, perfect explantion of how the committees are established to separate people from their power. It's beautifully put, exactly what I have witnessed with my own eyes and seen in their docs, but I'm sure I never wrote anything like it! May I repost it on the ACL homepage?

Anonymous said...

And I can not only live each day with gratitude that we do not yet exist, and each day one but we are not blessed.
I have read, understand and thank you!

Keoni Galt said...

Here's the latest Communitarian manifestation to usurp the country from our rights and freedoms...

Willow said...

Thank-you for all your work. This is an issue that chills me to the bone quite consistently, and I so appreciate what you do.

chris katko said...

Hey Niki,
as usual you are spot on. Of course I have another theory as to the root problem of America, which is fully explained in this new animated cartoon on Youtube.

Chris Katko

King Edward of Middlesex said...

You're very informative, thank you, I've learned something. We need to figure out a plan to combat these wanna be slavers. "The best defense is a good offense"