Saturday, March 13, 2010

Radio interview with IntelStrike - Linked to Findlawnet

I am confirmed for a one hour show tomorrow night at 7pm CST with Michael Vail at Intelstrike Radio, hosted at oraclebroadcasting network. My PC/internet is going kaput so getting online to do anything is a major exercise in paitence, I can't even add the link to his site, but it is on the right hand side from the last time I was on their show.

In other ACL news, here's a recent request to share links (reposted for my mom):
My name is Elizabeth Green and I am the web master of
We came across your site on the Internet and feel that you did a great job
with it. Our site contains a lot of updated information regarding law such as
legal news, commentaries and a comprehensive legal dictionary. If you agree I
will add a link with your website on our link page at I have seen that you
already have on your site information and links regarding law, for
instance on this page: We'd appreciate it if you place
a link back to our site using the following HTML code (just copy and paste it
into your links page):">FindLawNet is theWeb's leading legal news and information network for people Please send me information about your website as you would want it to appear on our links page.
I look forward to hearing from you and collaborating on the future! Kind
Regards, Elizabeth Green


Anonymous said...

I went to the findlaw link and it appears the account has been suspended.

tasfloerance said...

Thank you for this good topic

Anonymous said...


I intend to listen to you this evening.

Can I help to figure out what is going wrong with your internet connection?

Would it help if I wrote a letter to your mom about you?


Anonymous said...


You're only partly right about Communitrianism....

All those organizations you mention are indeed part of this mess... but you fail to see that "all" New Age factions are a part of it also. Blind fools they are because they are helping promote the NWO Agenda.

There is no such thing as "good and evil" but is a Luciferic lie. The truth of it all is that the evil and the good all around us is Communitarianism.

The other end of evil is truth NOT good. There is none good but God and in a warning from Jesus he said "If the light that is in you be darkness how great is that darkness?"

We have to step outside the Dialectic and just be observers, and ....endure. The endgame is the Dialectical Game, and anyone caught up in any area of defending one aspect of this world system from either end is part of the problem.