Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Who Wants A One World Government? by Michael Barker

A very informative article forwarded from Chris Bieber (thanks Chris!):


Paul Barnes said...

Didn't see the word communitarianism anywhere in this article.

the tent lady said...

It's not, I looked for it too. I can't imagine how he missed it. Sure makes it seem of little importance considering that it didn't even get the slightest mention. I guess Etzioni's name just didn't come up anywhere in his research.

No wonder so few people know what the new system is called, eh?

Sean said...

the same thing is driving me nuts about will roberts...! ...and I know that he knows. Thanks for posting his show Nik, I'm gonna e-mail him and compliment him, and LAMB BASTE him at the same time.

Mentioning Joan Veon 'quiting the investment business' and 'choosing not to go to the G20 meeting', but NEVER mentioning COMMUNITARIANISM?

I'm enjoying his show, but I have issues that need resolved. As Bobby would say: "Contradictions need resolved to move forward."


Bobby Garner said...

Thats a good point Sean. Apparent contradictions need to be resolved, because they are indicative either of a real problem or a flawed belief, or both. A satisfactory resolution means a correction must be made in either case. Either fix the problem or modify the belief. However, there is another alternative, and its the one most frequently chosen. This happens when the offended belief is so precious that it must be preserved by producing an explanation for, or justifying the existence of, the apparent contradiction. It can also happen when the problem stems from one's own action or inaction. Its a fools errand of course, because there is no valid explanation for allowing a contradiction to stand unresolved. But this is why most really important problems never get fixed and instead keep growing like compound interest.