Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Christian Zionism and the Schofield Reference Bible

There are still so many things I have yet to be exposed to, and the Roots of Christian Zionism was one of them. After watching Carlson's DVD tonight, I was struck by how simply American support for British-Israel's wars and genocidal police actions can be explained. Here's more on this topic:

A criminal named Cyrus Schofield (not Vance) wrote an interpretation of the Bible that promotes Israel and militant Zionism. The Oxford University Press published it in 1907, and continues to add interpretations that include a warning from God that any nation that does not protect Israel will be judged harshly by God. This is the Bible used by the fundamentalists (like Bush II and Sarah Palin) who believe in and hope for Armageddon. Now I think I understand why so many Christians call me anti-Semitic, and it explains a lot about what happened at Constance Cumbey's blog. The Christian Zionists call me anti Semitic, the "intellectuals" call me a conspiracy theorist, and I'm "pathological" if I defend myself against any of them.

On a related note, here's David over at Hegel's Hotel using his superior Hegelian miseducation to show how many different ways he can insult me. Some of his names for me are pretty funny really, besides all the normal slander (see above), I'm labled everything from "trash talking" to a religious fanatic. He admits he knows nothing about communitarianism but thinks anti communitarianism and communitarianism are basically the same thing!


REB said...

Cyurus Vance? Perhaps you mean Cyrus Scofield?

One of the reasons that you're misunderstood is that you're woefully and purposefully ignorant of what Christianity is supposed to be about. Your theology (worldview) is nothing but a SYNTHESIS of a little bit of Bible with a whole lot of something else.

I honestly don't want to make an enemy of you by saying that, but what kind of friend does not speak the truth?

Don't be fooled into getting your view of Christ from cults like the Jehovah's Witnesses. Many groups seem real pious and full of Bible knowledge, but they depart from the Bible on critical points. There is a lot of warped theology around today, and blind Christian Zionism is in that category.

God promises (in the Holy Bible) to bring Israel back into to that land, but it's going to be His doing and there will be peace for them when that happens. That's what the Bible says about their return. Until then that land is to be a cup of trembling. And that's what it is, despite all of the efforts of Zionists. That's a clear sign that this return is not God's doing. It's a movement against God. Modern Zionism is a false hope.

Bobby Garner said...

Did you mean Cyrus Schofield?

Lark said...

Cyrus I. Schofield? (Not Cyrus Vance)

[Please delete this comment, Niki, whether you feel a small correction is in order or not. :)]

the tent lady said...

Thanks guys, I make mistakes all the time and have no problem admitting it. I sometimes write when I'm too tired to do my physical chores, and I often forget to do spell checks too.

I don't think my political writing would be any better understood if I were to study the Bible Reb. I don't believe God came down and chose any people over any other to be his "chosen" people, and no prolonged study of the Bible will change that part of my world view.

Yes, I spent my entire life in the dialectical scam, and the things I believed in when I started the ACL are most definitely not the same things I believe in today. I've made small progress in untangling the twisted, warped messages that dominated in my brain, and I'll probably never in my lifetime be free of the propaganda I grew up on. I can admit I am probably a synthesis of a little bit of every lie I've ever been told. I grew up in America, the biggest lie of all.

REB said...

Well, I must concede that many of us have to guard against the dialectic programing that we received in public schools. (Not to mention colleges!) I learned about the dialectic in the procees of trying to overcome my govenment education. I'm still working on that.

The interesting thing is that Word of God deconstructs these evil philosophies, which we are both concerned about. Words and their meanings are supremely important! The dialectic is being employed in evangelicalism in a big way. I trust that you are aware of Jeff Sharlet's book. I'm miles away from Sharlet theologically, but I think he did a good job of calling out some of the rats infesting Evangelical churches.

About chosen people, the Old Testament speaks of the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as a chosen people. But it also speaks, in many places, of gentiles being included too. Paul speaks of gentiles being 'grafted in' as a 'mystery'. And though Bible speaks quite plainly about it, Paul was correct. It's a mystery in plain sight.

Is not Communitarianism a mystery in plain sight? (Just to be clear, I'm not trying to say that communitarianism is biblical, nor am I talking about universalism.)

There's a lot of loose talk in Christian circles about building a kingdom. We're not told or asked build a kingdom. Dominionists can only build a kingdom of Nimrod, and that won't stand for very long. Nevertheless, dominionism must be rejected and resisted. It's evil.

the tent lady said...

Building a Kingdom is a term studied in depth by Bobby Garner. I follow his discussions but no, I'm not familiar with Sharlet or many of the other theologians' contributions. I wish I knew more about Alice Baily and Madame Blavatsky and Martin Buber and August Compt et. al. I do try to read as much as I can, but after ten years of study, I'm tired. We all have to choose where our focus is best spent, and I still think I'm best suited to explain the new politicalized policing structure and communitarian land and human resource management plans. Every time I attempt to discuss the religious aspects of the emerging global synthesis I stick my neck out and somebody comes along with an axe.

I'm confused by your question about communitarianism being a mystery in plain sight in relation to what Paul said about gentiles being grafted into the chosen ones category, but I will think about it.

Communitarianism is just a "new" system of governance that includes its own "new" religion. It's a theory of reinventing governments to become compatible with the new global structure. I have no idea why it is so hard for people to recognise it as "real" or to grasp the fact that it is having an enormous impact around the globe; it's still a mystery to me.

That I am to be blamed for being incapable of explaining the most convoluted, complex theory ever invented was inevitable. Some days it makes me want to quit writing altogether, but then, because I am trained to think dialectically, I usually end up doing the complete opposite and write ten times more than normal.

Right now I have requests to write a condensed version of Quiet Revolution, an updated version of my Talmudic Law page (the ACL needs a lot of revisions). I do want to write more about how far community policing has advanced globally, in spite of the fact that it so clearly violates U.S. and other nation's laws. But the bottom line is, I barely made it through this winter. If I don't find a job or start a buisiness I won't make it through next winter. As much as I'd love to continue my full time work on behalf of all our dying nations, cultures and people, it's really not an option I can consider anymore. All I have to do now is find a way to stop caring so much. Maybe if I just walk away from the ACL I'll have the time and the openness of heart to listen to my Creator again.

And I'm sorry, but if I was going to believe in anything, I'd surely choose the story that promises me I will be spared the heartache of witnessing global communitarianism.

Anonymous said...

Cumbey's site has people wondering about Fusion Centers.

david gordon bain said...

One final comment.

I resent being linked to any Christian Zionist group, and/or to this Scofield Reference Bible...

They don't have anything to do with, or share any ideas, that are coming from Hegel's Hotel...Your readers just need to read my 'religion and humanistic-existentialism' section to determine that for themselves...

Promisekept said...

Niki, tent lady, by whatever name you're best called, Thank you for caring enough to search out the truth and tell others, like me, what you've found.

I've only begun, over the last several years, to understand and shift out the leaven of dialectic thinking in my theology and world views.

I also struggle with the conflicting realities of wanting to help serve the needs of others who are making these same inner transitions, while trying to balance all the practical work/business/survival stuff we all must do.

I found your post while researching Schofield, and reading the comments, I couldn't help taking some time on this new years first morning to let you know that you are appreciated.

Paul wrote that, among the daily struggles with oppositions that he faced in his ministry was what he described as," Perils among false brethren."

John recorded the warnings of the Lord Jesus Christ to the churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia of "them who say they are Jews, and are not". He ought to know, as He knows us all, all too well.

Deception has its greatest power when it most artfully counterfeits the Truth.

Deceivers seek their most influential prey among Christians and Jews of good will, who, although being warned of the perils, trust in appearances and fair speeches instead of carefully searching things out for themselves.

In the research that brought me here, I found this slide presentation titled, "The Cause of Our Conflicts"

I hope that in my small contribution here, you may somehow be refreshed to press on for, "the openness of heart to listen to (your) Creator again."

Anonymous said...

His last name is spelled SCOFIELD. Someone (guess who?) changed the spelling of his name so you won't find the good links on him. Just wanted to let you know. I found this out in my research of him.

Keep speaking truth to power!

Anonymous said...

Hold to the truth that you have discovered, it is because few know the history of secular Zionism began in year-1897, calling themselves "Zionist Congress", and these rejected by true faithful Jewish, that Britain became their first victim to re-establish a Zionist-Gov in control of a 'State of Israel'.
Few know this Zionist-Gov changing their "Jewish Fund" established in 1901, today with new-gov name, owns over 80% of the land called State of Israel and democracy.
Keep the faith, the citizens of this State are beginning to arise in protest, finally discovering how agregiously they have been used by this elite few in control.