Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Upgrading the inside roof of a 20 foot gertee

Practicing making a nicer interior

Looks more like the inside of a parasol now!
Tore down all the insulation and it was cold last night!
Will need to make a new insulated roof this fall.

Added 16" striped yellow/burgandy to walls.

Stapled fabrics and lace to lattice and ceiling beams

Each 20 to 40 yard piece was only $1 on ebay!


Stop Common Purpose said...

Nice, Niki. Very nice indeed.

Sean said...

Looks Sweet!

Can't wait to see a 'girly-gert'. ...and I was wondering where you'd gootten "150 dollar a yard" fabric!

sunshine unit said...

wow. it looks beautiful in there!!!

Lark said...

Genghis Khan never had it so good!