Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Merovingian Party

It's gorgeous here today, 60 degrees above inside without a fire! So much to do outside, not the least being rebuilding my moldy, swamped gertee on higher ground. It's warm enough to move to the office finally which means we can get back on track with ACL projects now too. But, heh, thanks to Pete we spent the last 3 hours reading the links he sent from This is one of the best websites I found in my earliest days of research. I learned some of the most important information from them (like who the John Birchers are and other groups).

Again, because I was avoiding the religious angle, I didn't spend a lot of time studying their Bible work or prophecies. So the weird thing is, this linkage to the Dragon Court is exactly what my friend was telling me. He says he was conceived and born in freemason/Wiccan ceremonies and that he left the cult as a young man. His theory includes all the Elohim and Annunaki terms. Now the writers at watch.pair lend support to the idea of "them" as serpents and all connected by blood. Now when anyone asks me who I'm voting for in ANY election, I'll say I, like everyone else, will vote for the Merovingian candidate, since that's the only political party in the USA. If my conversation partner doesn't know what that means I can explain, "they're all reformed communitarians."

This one article shows me how behind I am in my research, and how badly the ACL needs a page on the Bnai Brith. Hopefully the new office space will organize the space to do ACL work again.

Thanks Pete! Now I'm going to be thinking about MY bloodline versus theirs... who are the Friedrichs of my line, how far do WE go back? My dad always claimed we were direct descendents of Frederick the Great but nobody took that seriously. Duh, I'm po' American, we trace our ancestry back about 4 generations is all. But Hey! Maybe we're one of them too... how messed up would it be to find your own name in one of these lineage charts? I have had several people who refer to the ACL as an "obvious Jewish site." And of course there is the whole issue of how can you be the antithesis to something so perfect it gives rise to no antithesis?

Perty weird to see how Angelina Pitt is described as the Angel from the Bottomless Pit. Makes the ACL International Court page with it's "caution: sexually explicit materials" look like the Disney version of the truth. I feel like I don't know anything.


Anonymous said...

An "obvious Jewish site"?
That's interesting.

So, give us the John Birchers in a nutshell please.

the tent lady said...

According to Ado's research, the Birchers were created by the Belmont Brotherhood to represent the far right in the Soviet v. USA dialectic.

The Stormfront Nationalists are one of the sites that identified us as Jewish. It's also been suggested that I am a PR front for the globalists, others claim my LA-21 research proves I'm a wacko, and then some people still think I'm a man.

S. said...

Stormfront calling ACL jewish?! That is hilarious.

The evidence that all the neo nazi white supremos are totally infiltratated, organized and controlled by zionist jews is compelling. I've often heard the history channel referred to as the "hitler channel" because they use nazi germany as their pet subject so often.

Niki, I still say that you exposing Amatai Etzioni the way you do gives you credit above most allegedly "anti-zionist" sites, simply based on his influence and thier great silence.

Bobby said...

I suspect that the charges of the ACL being Jewish is intended as a distraction, and to discuss whether its true or not is to miss the point.

I found this from Tracy R. Twyman commenting on the Priori of Zion:
"But perhaps the most evocative lines in this new Vaincre article are the last two: “In our own time the ARCH extends over a large part of the world. It is from its summit that the heads of state will come to search for PEACE.” To me, this indicates that the Priory of Sion considers the “Holy Land” of Rennes-le-Chateau to be the foundation-point of an empire that not only existed in the past, but also one that will exist again in the future. The use of “Ab Urbe Condita” by the Priory, referring to the foundation of Rome, says to me that they are, as they have stated in their own documents, planning a resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire through the United States of Europe. But in order for this to occur, I assume, the treasures of Rennes-le-Chateau would have to be revealed to the world. This would no doubt have a shocking impact upon the collective psyche of mankind, for it would cause them to re-evaluate not only their understanding of history, but their political, religious, and philosophical tenets as well. It would be especially shocking if it was proven that direct descendants of the god-kings of the Golden Age are alive today, many of them in positions of power, using their positions to bring about a resurrection of the Golden Age and the empire which ruled over that epoch. It would be hard to argue that the “sons of God” should have to submit to democratic elections rather than ruling by Divine Right."
- The Priory of Sion: The Next Generation

In view of what is often charged concerning election fraud, perhaps they are indeed "ruling by Divine Right", in their own eyes, and if so: Then who else matters?

Tracy R. Twyman is the author of The Merovingian Mythos and the Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau.