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How Many Delawares? by Thomas Wood, NAS

More fun research for the updated 2020! A LOT of good stuff has been published since 2006. I don't remember taking the time to read through the entire argument over campus "Ideological Reeducation" and communitarian dorm programs, or if I knew what a controversy it became.


Compiled by Thomas Wood
5 May 2008

University of Delaware
FIRE Speech Code Rating: Red
Includes: FIRE Cases at University of Delaware; Recent Media Coverage of University of Delaware; and Posts to FIRE's The Torch About the University of Delaware
University of Delaware: Students Required to Undergo Ideological Reeducation
(uploaded by FIRE April 30, 2008)
University of Delaware, Office of Residence Life, 2008-2009 Program Plan
Office of Residence Life 2007-2008 Complex Curricula
Attached Files
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May 8, 2008
Adam Kissel: Prediction by University of Delaware RA Comes to Pass

May 8, 2008
Thomas Wood: How to Defeat the Res Lifer's Nouveau Indoctrination Program

May 6, 2008
The UD Review: Faculty Senate postpones ResLife proposal decision

May 6, 2008
Delaware Online: Vote postponed for revised UD Residence Life program

May 6, 2008
Adam Kissel: Victory for Freedom of Conscience at University of Delaware; More Debate Ahead

May 5, 2008
Adam Kissel: Open Letter to University of Delaware Faculty, May 5, 2008
(Sent via electronic mail)

May 2, 2008
University of Delaware ResLife Misappropriates UD Environmental Sustainability Initiative for Social Activism

May 2, 2008
NAS: UD Faculty, Students Stand Up Against Res Life Proposal

May 02, 2008
NAS Press Release: University of Delaware Could Reinstate Residence Life Indoctrination Program

May 2, 2008
Adam Kissel: Delaware ResLife Hides Another Document

May 1, 2008
"Delaware Association of Scholars urges rejection of UD ResLife proposal," Press Release

May 1, 2008
Adam Kissel: Sustainability and Indoctrination in the New University of Delaware Plan

April 28, 2008
Peter Wood: Sustainability's Third Circle

April 24, 2008
Alan Fox, Letter to the Editor, Wilmington/Delaware Online: UD faculty is still revising student life program, with freedom to participate

April 15, 2008
Students give input on new UD program
Undergrad leaders help revamp residence life

April 15, 2008
Adam Kissel: Delaware ResLife--Fourth Time the Charm?

April 14, 2008
Adam Kissel: University of Delaware Retreats on Oppressive Speech Code
(refers to Revised ResLife Reporting Protocol, undated)
(the previous document: UD Residence Life Escalation Procedures, October 24, 2007)

April 14, 2008,0,6451692.story
Marxist professors or sensitive students?
Greg Lukianoff: Being offended vs. being indoctrinated

April 10, 2008
UD launches carbon 'footprint' study, unveils new Web site
The new Web site, which can be found at [], gathers together in one place many of the activities that are already under way at UD and also provides information on current research that addresses these topics. The Web site is the outgrowth of the work of the Academic and Student Life Sustainability Task Force, chaired by Kathleen Kerr, director of residence life.
A Sustainable University of Delaware (undated)
A message from President Harker to the UD Community (April 10, 2008)

March 28, 2008
Adam Kissel: National Organizations Keep Hitting U. Delaware Indoctrination Program

March 28, 2008
Press Release: Delaware Association of Scholars on Univ. of Delaware ResLife Program
DAS Welcomes ACTA's Support
Posted by Winfield Myers, VP of DAS

March 27, 2008
Thomas Wood: The Marriage of Affirmative Action and Transformative Education

March 27, 2008
Press Release: ACTA Calls on University of Delaware Trustees to Halt Residence Life Program

March 24, 2008
Greg Lukianoff: Delaware News Journal Calls for Total Repudiation of University of Delaware's Thought Reform Program

March 23, 2008
Wilmington News-Journal/Delaware Online Editorial: UD should outright repudiate student indoctrination efforts

March 21, 2008
UD panel to decide on residence life program

March 21, 2008
Adam Kissel: University of Delaware ResLife Controversy Continues

March 21, 2008
ACTA: Letter of Anne D. Neal to Howard E. Cosgrove
Chairman of U Delaware Board of Trustees

March 19, 2008
Adam Kissel: University of Delaware Faculty Condemns Old ResLife Program

March 18, 2008
Adam Kissel: ResLife must reconsider its purpose
UD still doesn't get the real meaning of sustainability

March 11, 2008
Faculty Senate hears reports on residence life, Sakai and strategic indicators

March 6, 2008
Peter Wood: Ideology @ UCLA Dorms

March 4, 2008
Adam Kissel: ResLife Indoctrinators Attack FIRE at Closed Conference

February 29, 2008
Peter Wood: Inside the ACPA Conference
A Report on the Wanna-Be Revolutionaries of College Residential Life Programs

February 25, 2008

February 22, 2008
Student Life Committee of The Faculty Senate: Assessment on the Curricular Approach to Residence Life

February 20, 2008
Thomas Wood: Who Educates the Whole Person These Days? Anyone? (Res Life and the Decline of Campus Community, Part 2)

February 19, 2008
Adam Kissel: University of Delaware Rejects New Residence Life Proposal

February 19, 2008 (Document Property Sheet)
(NOTE: Adam Kissel refers to The Discovery Wheel in the article above, "University of Delaware Rejects New Residence Life Proposal")
'Discovery Wheel' Self-Evaluation Tool
Attached Files
The Discovery Wheel
(NOTE: The Discovery Wheel that FIRE found in the ResLife documents is taken from a text published by the Houghton Mifflin Company:
Becoming a Master Student
Eleventh Edition
Master Student Series)
Discovery Wheel (from the Houghton Mifflin page on "Becoming a Master Student")
Click below to complete on online version of the Discovery Wheel.

December 11, 2007
Thomas Wood: Psychotherapeutic Interventions, Transformative Learning, and the Dorms of U Delaware

December 04, 2007
Thomas Wood: Infestation: Widespread or Not?

November 20, 2007
University of Delaware diversity program leaves Temple thinking
Sudden controversy at Delaware lead to the diversity training do's and don'ts

November 15, 007
Donald Downs: Where Was The Faculty?

Nov. 6, 2007
Students react to Harker's decision

Nov. 6, 2007
Provost reports to Faculty Senate on halting the residence life education program

November 05, 2007
Peter Wood: University of Delaware Residence Life Abuses Exposed

November 2, 2007
FIRE Press Release: Victory at University of Delaware
University President Ends Mandatory Ideological Reeducation Program

November 2, 2007
Hot Air audio: University of Delaware professor speaks out; Update: Transcript added
posted at 1:46 pm on by Bryan

Nov. 1, 2007
Patrick Harker, President: A Message to the University of Delaware Community

November 1, 2007
FIRE: Victory at University of Delaware
University Dumps Thought Reform Program

November 1, 2007
FIRE Response to Michael Gilbert, Vice President for Student Life, University of Delaware

November 1, 2007
Adam Kissel: More Delaware Students and RAs Speak Out

November 1, 2007
Former Resident Assistant Bears Witness to The University Of Delaware's Indoctrination Program

October 31, 2007
Kelly Sarabyn: Is the University of Delaware Violating the Federal Law on Human Subject Research?

October 30, 2007
FIRE Press Release: University of Delaware Requires Students to Undergo Ideological Reeducation

October 30, 2007
Adam Kissel: Yes, Blue Hens, Your Reeducation Is Mandatory

October 30, 2007
Adam Kissel: University of Delaware: Students Speak Out

(posted by FIRE, no date; files themselves dated October 9, 2007)
University of Delaware: Selected 'Competencies' for Students
Attached Files
Narrative 1
Understand how your social identities affect how you view others.
Taken down by the University: "The page you requested was not found on this server."

August 26, 2007
Whole New World Diversity Training
Office of Residence Life
Schedule-at-a-Glance for Sessions 1 & 2

Updated June 8, 2007
Draft One September 15, 2006
Office of Residence Life Research Agenda
Report #1 on Strategic Change "Assessment and Information Sharing"
Originally presented to RL Professional Staff September 26, 2006

Feb. 7, 2006
Residence Life wins social justice education awards

December 7, 2005
ACPA web page on "Sustainability"

Oct. 20, 2005
Zero tolerance for hate crimes
David P. Roselle: President To the University of Delaware community

Last Modified February 14, 1996
ACPA: The Student Learning Imperative: Implications for Student Affairs
The Student Learning Project was initiated by ACPA President Charles Schroeder in the fall of 1993 by convening a small group of higher education leaders to examine how student affairs educators could enhance student learning and personal development. The group included Alexander Astin, Helen Astin, Paul Bloland, K. Patricia Cross, James Hurst, George Kuh, Theodore Marchese, Elizabeth Nuss, Ernest Pascarella, Anne Pruitt, Michael Rooney, and Charles Schroeder.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
WIKIPEDIA on the AAUP: The AAUP's "Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure" is the definitive articulation of these principles and practices, and is widely accepted throughout the academic community. The association's procedures ensuring academic due process remain the model for professional employment practices on campuses throughout the country.

March 19, 2008
NAS: Freedom Bound: The AAUP Presidential Election

September 21, 2007
NAS: A Response to the AAUP's Report, "Freedom in the Classroom"

June, 2007
AAUP: Freedom in the Classroom
The report that follows, prepared by a subcommittee of the Association's Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure, was approved in June 2007 by the committee for publication. Comments are welcome and should be sent to the Washington office by ground mail or e-mail

March 1, 2000
Alan Charles Kors: Thought Reform 101
The Orwellian implications of today's college orientation
See also:
FIRE: Freedom of Conscience
Liberty cannot exist in a society in which people are forced to conform their thoughts and expression to an official viewpoint. Differences of opinion are the natural byproducts of a vibrant, free society. At many of our nation's colleges and universities, however, students are expected to share a single viewpoint on controversial matters like the meaning of diversity, the particulars of racism, and the impermissibility of "hate speech." Mandatory "diversity training," in which students are instructed in an officially-approved ideology, is commonplace. Some institutions have enacted policies that require students to speak and even share identical attitudes on these matters or face disciplinary charges. The FIRE cases listed below showcase our efforts to roll back this unprecedented intrusion into students' freedom of conscience and ensure that students are given the right to make up their own minds on the issues of the day -- without administrative coercion.

1966: AAUP: Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities

AAUP: 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure
with 1970 Interpretive Comments

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