Monday, January 17, 2011

Global Citizenship with Bill Clinton 2/24/10

Former President Bill Clinton delivers a sober message to a UC Berkeley audience about inequality, global poverty, and the need for "communitarianism," a form of social responsibility and activism in which private citizens step up to address gaps unfilled by governments. [4/2010] [Public Affairs] [Show ID: 18406]


Kevin Eggers said...


Thank you for another eye opening video.

Clinton's correct about the media dividing Americans. That's been the plan all along.

But, excuse me, who is responsible for where America is today?

Clinton and the Republicans were responsible for NAFTA and outsourcing jobs. Clinton, Gore, and Bush one and two worked toward this CO2 scam, which will destroy American livelihoods.

I didn’t hear Clinton mention Agenda 21 once during his speech, although he did mention all the good things these internationalists are doing. How many times did Clinton imply we needed to equalize everyone in the world?

As much as I hate Rush, he was correct in calling Clinton "Slick Willie". Clinton mixes facts with fiction as well as any politician I’ve heard.

Watching Clinton get a standing ovation for his Communitarian B.S. at Berkeley is a testament to how far real "thinking" has fallen in America.

By the way, I have a city council member interested in speaking with me about Agenda 21. He realizes something is very wrong with the new housing requirements coming into the Napa Valley.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Eggers and Niki Raapana,
I admire to the utmost, both of you and have read many of your posts. I may sound like a “paranoid” but please consider how much this Communitarian “world government” has completed its “circle of power.” You BOTH need to take the utmost caution when “anybody” from government, whether local or in the mainstream “seems to be interested” in your views. After ANY interview with these types of people, I would check my automobile for “trackers” and even look for mysterious vehicles following me back home. “Too good to be true” interviews are just that, and Communitarians should NEVER be trusted – even when they appear most vulnerable.

Niki Raapana said...

Thanks for watching the whole thing Kevin, I stopped it right after he started talking about what a great and wonderful idea communitarianism is. I've read the transcript, which is how I access most all of their speeches. Watching their lying lips moving is more than I can stand.

Great news about your council member. Can you direct me to the new housing requirements in Napa? I'd like to add them to Chapter 5 when I get to it. Chapter One is 29 pages now and has 47 referenced quotes. I always hated the way that chapter turned out. My need to fix it slowed down the rewrite and changes the concept from "short easy read", but I think it's a much stronger tool book now (and I totally didn't pay attention when all the references were cut out of the first editions!).

Louis, we all sound paranoid to the average listener! :) I will take your advice to heart, although I admit I still operate from the perspective that I am part of the legitimate government here and that the Pentagon, FBI and the AK St Troopers work for me. I still think the Pentagon needs to start paying me a wage for monitoring a known terrorist operating with impunity in my country, a man who was never even in their database of known terrorists. How many other international terrorists can write articles called "I once was a terrorist"? and still work for the WH, the EU and the U.S. Military?

Besides, I never get invited to any "too good be true" events, hell even the anti NWO crowd shuns me. My views don't fit anywhere.

Angry Cheese said...

And here's the latest from England:
"David Cameron attacked Margaret Thatcher for failing to 'respect' the public sector yesterday as he vowed to build on Tony Blair's reforms of schools and hospitals. The Prime Minister set out a provocative vision of a third way for public service reform, vowing to extend choice and competition by 'taking the best of both' previous Tory (Conservative, Right)and Labour (Left) governments. Mr Cameron claimed that in the past the 'right' had been too concerned with the markets, the left too concerned with the state, and both had forgotten 'the space in between - society'.
The Communitarian agenda in the UK, yet another new way of describing Communitarianism - "the space in between!" How sweet!!
How about a list on the side of your blog entitled Different Ways of Describing/Hiding Communitarianism, or Warning,Words to Watch For, or something like it? Here, we have had Blair's Third Way, Cameron's Big Society, the Third Sector, the Community Sector, the Voluntary Sector, Common Purpose, as well as the ubiquitous 'Community,' all over the place. Then there's Agenda 21, the EU, and so on....

Tracy said...

Thank you for posting this, Niki. I made it through 35 minutes, but most of it after the communitarian comments falls under the heading of typical Clinton BS.

Anonymous said...

Regarding new home energy-use standards, this appears to be coming from an international standard that is now being applied domestically... I am also seeing the community colleges nationwide offering green jobs... one of the more interesting ones is energy auditor...

It is my understanding that the goal is to move from commerical property carbon emissions audits to residential audits, despite that these laws do not yet exist (it's not stopping the education of the masses in preparation).

This NWO agenda is so well organized and orchestrated and the public is so ignorant of what is in front of their noses, it makes me wonder what is going on in the great empty spaces in people's minds. I have lost a lot of respect for the people all around me.

This is like living a never-ending scene from the Night of the Living Dead. The mindless zombies are all around, waiting to attack if their conspiracy-theory trigger is activated by a keyword.

Isolation from realization I fear is a big problem amongst those of us who are aware.