Monday, September 27, 2010

Global governance is not global government?

We keep getting search engine hits for the "Agenda 21 conspiracy." Apparently the official blueprint for global governance doesn't mean the creation of a global government. How silly of us to wonder what kind of a world is being created with all this collaboration and informal arrangements between state and nonstate actors. Governance doesn't exist within the parameters established for governments in the "free" nations. "Government" exists within strict legal guidelines and boundaries in the U.S., all under the direct supervision of the American people. Global Governance eliminates the people's direct power over their governments. The capacity to self govern our government employees is a non issue in a transnational setting.

Global Governance 2025: At a Critical Juncture

"The term “global governance” as used in this
paper includes all the institutions, regimes,
processes, partnerships, and networks that
contribute to collective action and problem
solving at the international level. This
definition subsumes formal and informal
arrangements as well as the role of nonstate
actors in transnational settings. Regional
cooperation may also be regarded as an
element of global governance insofar as it
contributes to broader efforts. Governance
differs from government, which implies
sovereign prerogatives and hierarchical
authority. Global governance does not equate
to world government, which would be
virtually impossible for the foreseeable future,
if ever."

Maybe the CIA can use Lady Gaga to teach us what global governance really means.

Maybe the Global Green Police can explain what happened to our local American police.


Constance Cumbey said...

Enjoyed this post -- your well deserved sarcasm of the euphemism "global governance" was well put!


Constance E. Cumbey

Anonymous said...

The city I am presently living in, in central Ohio, bought big blue recycling containers and delivered one to each residence. Each container is stamped with an identifying number. Nothing was said about RFID chips but maybe they haven't decided to tell us yet. I took mine to the basement, after calling the city bureaucrat and complaining about them shoving this down my throat. On trash day mine is the only property on my street, perhaps in the city, that does not have a big blue container at the curb.

the tent lady said...

Hi Constance, you're welcome! Sometimes I just can't stop myself from writing like I speak.

Well anonymous, what's "wrong" with you? don't you want to live in a safe and healthy community? :) And what a weird way for the community developers to find out who's "on board" and who's not. Non compliant people can be identified by their rotten garbage habits. (Now I think I know why "unlocked dumpsters" were on the city's list of the TOP 10 LIFE THREATENING THINGS in Seattle.)

It'd be interesting to know if your cans were chipped without them telling you about it. Can you file a public disclosure request to find out more?

Anonymous said...

How would I learn how to file a public disclosure request?

And this is very funny. the word I need to type in to post this is: trackin

the tent lady said...

We put directions for filing public disclosure requests in the back of 2020. I think it was posted at freedom advocates website under their ICCLEI section... Joanne Shaw wrote me for permission to use it.

The first thing you need to find out is if Ohio has a state public disclosure act. It does. :)

Write a nice, short, polite, formal request for detailed information about current or future RFID tracking in the recycling program to your Mayor, cc everyone on the City Council and any local law firm. Cite your state law at the top of your letter:

Anonymous said...

I note the clever word subsume on the CIA site. Just substitute consider for subsume. One might ask just who are these nonstate actors? Duh!

Was gonna log in, but the site doen't recognize my password again.

Hope all went well at the Wayside. Been busy meself.