Monday, September 6, 2010

Betty Bin Laden and her Lizard Cult

Got down to 28 here last night and I still don't have a new chainsaw yet. This is gonna be one heck of a winter if something doesn't change around here. Got the ebay auction ready to put up but still no reliable source for the frames. If only I knew a carpenter I could depend on to supply these. If only I were a carpenter. I'm ready to learn to use big table saws and drills now. The PVC pipe looks a lot easier to cut than the wood. Just need to get over my fears and do it... eep.

Keep remembering that this is dead of winter in Seattle... that if I had my gertees set up down there I'd never have to insulate any more than what I already have. But noooo, I'm in Alaska and I have got to do a lot more before it gets down to 25 below and keeps dropping. We decided last winter that down to 20 below is still tolerable... it's anything past that is when life gets unbearably tough. Anyway, I'm going on Rense tomorrow night at 7 AK time, was trying to generate a few book sales and maybe sell enough to make a small profit and get a few of the things we need before winter. I need a chainsaw so bad I'll trade my car for one.

This came in today and I think we can all appreciate it! There is not one place in the U.S. not affected by this plan... and maybe only a few places in the entire world where the plans are not underway on some level. The more we share the more we know. Thanks Steve!

Hi Niki,

thanks for your courageous efforts,
here is a little article for you I thought you would like.
and its somewhat a parody, but not really,
only the names have been changed as they say..

Agenda 21 is so powerful here that people are not allowed to
use more than a few square feet of their property now,
no matter what zoning or use permit building permit etc.
One old man was told he could only use his 7 acres for one cell tower !
nothing else...even though it has vast zoning rights of all sorts.

Now we are all told, do not touch your land at all,
as its all "Blow Sand Source Area" for the Lizzard Reserve 10 miles away !
Its hard to make this kind of crap up, but they work hard day and night on it
and lay it on people who just dont understand whats going down here.

Its so bad this town is not allowed to incorporate and has been placed under
full control of a nameless faceless eco cult, we call them the Lizard Cult !
You would assume that they raise lizards at their reserve, noooo,
They use it simply to extort a huge Lizard Fee from everyone for tens of miles
for every building permit. originally $600, now its $5750 per permit to build anything at all.

Of course this has collapsed land values and building trades economy etc.
which is all wonderful to them, and this ethnic cleansing of even the transition zones are
well underway. Core world Bioshpere zones are secured, buffer zones shut down completely
and things are tight in California now, endangered bugs etc, and threatened specie fines of $50,000
and on and on, people are trying to leave anyway they can ! Its a death camp !
Some think they are building FEMA camps for them, sorry they are not for people at all,
and there is no handouts etc there, its just another phony govt contract scam,
people were raiding 50 year old bomb shelters for crackers, so they closed them and destroyed the crackers...

Sorry to rant, but just to give a little idea of the hell they are creating here...

gotta run for it !



Well I had to meet her to really see for myself her most magnificent terrorist plan to destroy America. I gathered the courage and went to an appointment to discuss the plan with her.

Betty, I asked, so you are now in control of all the rocks in Southern California?

Yes she said proudly, Every rock is all mine now ! With a powerful gleem in her eyes!

So we need not bother to ask for permit to get some, or mine some or any major industrial projects or gold etc.

Yes, that is correct Steve, I am not going to give out any new permits in my jurisdiction which is all of SoCal from the Pacific Ocean all the way out to the Colorado River.

But we need all sorts of mined materials, you know Betty, if it isn't grown or from the sea it has to be mined...

Too bad, you will just have to go elsewhere...

Yes I have seen that already, the destruction of Kaiser Iron Ore Mine at Eagle Mt and the steel mill at Fontana...

Yes that was just for openers.

And the incredible legal battle over the Glamic Gold Mine Permit,

The endless battles over the strategic Limestone in Lucerne Valley,
and closure of all the clay mines so that clay for cement has to be mined from the Amazon and shipped up here now, with its destruction of rainforest...

Yes, that also and many more, including your mines, all 2 dozen of them.

We have been following you around for decades and as you know, we close them almost as fast as you try to open them for business.

Yes, so that was you behind all that, along with others front and back?

Yes Steve you will have to go north again, and you may still get a permit up there.

Ok Betty, nice chatting with you about mining in Southern California.
It won't be much longer before it all folds and takes rest of California with it,
and the rest of America with California...

Yes, its a beautiful plan Betty, your vision and dedication to Department of the Interior, to preserve all the purple mountain magesty of America,
one rock at a time and destroy everything everyone tried to build for 2 centuries,
all for some purple rocks...The Man and the Biosphere Plan to seize all timber, water minerals and cut off all life support systems, incerdible, I shook my head, walked out and drove away...

Betty Bin Laden, God Mother of Terrorists,
God Mother Of Gaia, Destroyer of Worlds...God Mother of Kali herself !

Destroyer of Our Ignorance, cleansing the earth of our human viral load,
cutting off our rocks, our cajones, our power and all the evil ways of man.

Thank you Betty for such enlightenment.

Rocks thou art, Rocks thou shall return
to Betty's Ethnically Cleansed DOI World Biosphere Wilderness.

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ericswan said...

Your post is chilling to say the least. I wonder how long it will take for the carbon creatures to catch you out collecting firewood just down there on the beach where the eddies bring the fruits for your labour.