Saturday, January 26, 2013

Obama's former "Green Czar" calls him a Communitarian

This article has been re-posted all over the internet in the past 2 days. I've looked at about 10 pages of search returns, and only one I opened so far added anything original to the Rebel Pundit's story.

Reading the comments from various sites shows how many people think Van Jones made the term up, and how most say it's just another word for communism. (Exactly what happened when Bill Clinton used the word in Montreal. Nobody there knew what it is either and the reporter said Clinton "coined the phrase"). Only one website that reposted Pundit's article had a link to the ACL, and that was onlysecond hand via democratsagainstunagenda21. 

Really interesting is Van Jones' description of it..... and his telling Breibart there's really no way to look it up. Our anti communitarian research has been on the internet for ten years, we're on the wiki "communitarian" page, but for some reason readers never did a keyword search that would lead to us, or to Etzioni, nor did Jones obviously.

Is this a great way to further confuse the American people, or what?
"Jones compared the president’s address to that of Ronald Reagan in 1980 and 1984 and recommended that the theater full of college students read Reagan’s “powerful” and “strong,” inaugurals, which he said were “rooted in American tradition and values,” but “unabashedly” and “unapologetically conservative.”'
Following Jones's comparison of President Obama to Ronald Reagan, the “unabashedly conservative” president, I pressed Jones further for some insight into what and who President Obama really is.
Jones replied: “He is a communitarian.” He then elaborated briefly: “I mean you always have individualism, communitarianism, as a part of the, American story, and I think we’ve overbalanced the individualistic direction and I think he’s trying to rebalance toward communitarianism.”
Later, when asked (off tape) to define "communitarian," Jones was unable to answer or to point toward any source for a definition. He said there wasn’t really a way to look up “communitarianism.”
He did reiterate, however, that he saw communitarianism as a counterbalance to libertarianism, which he equated to “individualism.”
Jones declined an interview with Breitbart News following the lecture.


Lark In Texas said...

So today we have the specter of Cass Sunstein, a self-styled 'paternalist libertarian'... raising his glass... to Noam Chomsky, who calls himself a 'libertarian socialist'.

Now who would've thunk it? Can't we just call 'em all 'commies', Niki...

... And then be done with it?;)

Anonymous said...

Commies? How about control freaks who get their rocks off by wasting their precious short lives intruding into other people's short lives? That seems more accurate. I'm beginning to think the weak DNA of the species is learning to identify itself clearly, so the rest of us can isolate it and make sure it never reproduces.

Anonymous said...

or all the smart people will stop having babies