Wednesday, December 28, 2011


10' Gertee Travelers ~ home ~ winter 2011
I submitted one of the new chapters in 2020/TACM to newswithviews. The book revisions are underway and it won't be much longer before everyone who pre ordered will have their copies. I know some people are very upset with us because of the long delays and I don't blame them one bit. It has been over a year since some people ordered theirs.
There are several reasons it's so overdue, all of them are of a personal nature and partly health related, so I am extremely grateful to the majority of our customers who have shown us such patience. I am humbled by the people who became so concerned that we were unable to fulfil our obligations that they wrote not to ask for a refund but to ask where to send donations and how else they can help us to finish it. Some people know (from following my blog) how little we have and how we live. There have always been people who respected the way we didn't try to make money off our research, they appreciated the fact that we had no advertisements and flashing banners saying "Buy now!" I always wanted to maintain that kind of presentation, in spite of the reality that sites without ads usually have funding coming from someplace else.
For years I avoided the whole marketing scene because I really believed that this was such essential information that it had to be free. I managed to survive on part time jobs for many years so that I could keep studying and writing continuously. And then my body just gave out after years of sporadic eating, the stress of the topic and constant studying in primitive conditions. I started this work when I was 43 and still felt young enough to go winter camping to research and write ACL articles in a tent. I'm 55 now, and sleeping in a tent on the ground in the rain about killed me this past summer. Anyone who's ever had pneumonia will understand why I almost wished I would die. But somehow a brush with death also brings on a new sense of purpose and determination. Now I feel inspired to put these books out for sale and put the free research back online in the new format. One last time I'll forget about eating and spend the winter writing in a wood heated unplumbed Gertee. But this has to be the last time I do this.


Anonymous said...

We appreciate your sacrifice.

julie said...

You are clearly a strong and brightly shining spirit and I am truly grateful for all that you have written. I wish you health and happiness and peace.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Niki.

You are right. The battle is over private property rights. Our nation brought a Constitution into effect to protect these rights. The several states demanded a Bill of Rights to acknowledge a citizen owns themself and therefore MUST have this claim to self management and their property.

The problem facing the Communitarians is how to gain the authority to manage private property. Public property has little to no value beyond profit potential and aesthetics.

Already public property management has been gained by these socialists. Witness public input into Environmental Impact Studies that include the ability for people (read NGOs) to tie up development from 1000's of miles away. The NIMBY movement became a global movement.

So "how to encroach on private property rights" has become their new mantra.

Social problems tend to be a safe area for these groups to work within. Who could argue against solving social inequalities?

Enter taxation. Without it, the government can't manipulate the social conscience of the people. Without it, the Federal Reserve can't operate. Yes, the XVIth Amendment made all this possible. But don't forget the XVIIth Amendment. It eliminated the various state's right to use a deliberative process in the State Houses to appoint a Senator. No more appealing to the states by the lobbyists.

Lastly, we need to remember that the XIVth Amendment Section 4 provided for national debt without question.

This was decades in the making.
Your little gertee is still standing, but looking a little saggy.


Mark Miller said...

In one of your other posts I saw you wrote about your health being affected by this work. Thank you for doing what you do. I am trying to learn, and I can see you've put a lot into this. Hope your health improves.