Saturday, October 22, 2011

What I'm learning from social networking

I signed up for facebook a couple years ago after an 18 year old started a group there called the Anti Communitarian League. He designed the group page himself. He filled it with quotes from people like Margaret Meade and Ayn Rand, both of whom I think were players in the dialectical games, and their purpose was to lead us into the ultimate communitarian solution.

Even though I could see young Nick C. didn't quite understand all of the pieces and players who make up the communitarian scam, I didn't challenge him for quoting questionable sources to define his anti communitarian stand. I figured everyone grasps this new concept within the confines of their own understanding. His was clouded with a modern American Marxist education (the same one Nordica received). My perception is clouded with my American Zionist military patriot upbringing. Others use their religious beliefs to define it, and just as many others use their anti religious beliefs to condemn it. I've found there are as many different reactions to the communitarian theory as there are different variations on the theory. And up to this time, I've held to the assumption that it's best to allow people to figure it out on their own.

It didn't seem right for me to push my anti communitarian stand on anyone else, and while I often cajoled the American "patriot right" into looking at the law, I didn't hammer away at what I think we ALL need to think about communitarianism. I thought it was much more meaningful and important for everyone to determine for themselves where they stand on the most powerful social and political platform in the world. (And I didn't fully realize all this hammering at the Right made many people assume I am a rightwingnut too!)

What I had to finally face and admit is that it is impossible to grasp the pure evil of the communitarian ideology without letting go of every attachment we have to the bankers' economic and social theories. We cannot let go of the theories while clinging to the favored authors who taught us to join in the conflicts between all these theories.

As long as we adhere to a portion of the thesis or antithesis, we cannot see the final synthesis as the culmination of a whole process. I've spent 2 years on fb posting things that I thought would help people to explore the unnatural nature of communitarian thinking, and I've had some amazing conversations with insightful and thoughtful people.

I began calling the Occupy Wall Street movement communitarian months ago. Since then there have been members who self-describe the protests as "communitarian" and a few other mainstream writers have picked up the term. Still, I'd guess close to half my fb friends support the "Occupy" protests because they cannot see how they lead to a communitarian "solution."

"Is there a solution? Well, that depends on us. Can we live with less? Can we learn to use available resources — neighbors, vacant public spaces, social networks, community organizations — to maintain or enhance our health? Can we accept that overconsumption never really was the route to happiness anyway?"

It should have come as no surprise last month when the same kid who started the fb ACL page told me he doesn't see eye to eye with me politically and unfriended me.

The advantage of having a vague theory that combines all others is there's something in it for everyone. Something to hate and something to love.

2020/TACM update: We've got the pages laid out and are filling them in, shouldn't be too much longer now. While it's been a terribly embarassing long time trying to get it finished, it's been necessary time as well. There are a lot of new communitarian developments that will be part of this revised edition, and hopefully it's written with a better understanding of our readers. Again, thank you all for your continued paitence.


musemater said...

Hello Niki! Great to hear your progress on the book, can't wait to read it!

I'm coming to the same place of understanding and recently I've been thinking of the bible verse that says "A house divided cannot stand." I see all the distracting divisions as keeping the public busy while the con of communitarianism just steamrolls along flattening individuality and freedoms away.:( But hope springs eternal and we won't all be fooled! We are wonderfully resilient and no two of us are alike under the skin.:)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back Nik.


What's in a Name? said...

Good post, Niki... thanks.

Anonymous said...

The problem was, is and will continue to be one of childhood conditioning. Compound this with each adult's social network and we become just a gaggle of clones. Ever unable to think outside the box created for us to function as a normal (sic) member of an engineered society.

I tend to think that the most important issue is the recognition that you are supposed to be, as Pink Floyd called it, another brick in the wall. A consumer based economy and ergo society absolutely needs compliance and cooperation to the point of surrender to the PTB.

Few will see the need to resist and even fewer actually will.

Are you back to gertee or still in town hammering out your manuscript?


Anonymous said...

Hi Niki,

Big fan here. Wish we were neighbors so we could BS on weekend evenings over some aged mezcal or raicilla.

In any case, I ran into a good little blog today that I believe could benefit from some of your writing...

He has the right direction, but it appears he is lacking the details that would make his content much more powerful.

Side question: Do you ever wonder if the communitarians will form lynch mobs at some point, and go after people like us, just for our political views?

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

Americans, anyway, are trained in the government/public schools to be this way, think this way. And the schools were meant to accomplish this for the PTB. Children are dumbed down in the schools, taught lies about History and their government, trained to be group-thinkers, not to get out of line, to submit to State orders, line up and walk single-file to where the State Worker leads them, assemble together for mass-indoctrination (think Pep Rallies), dress alike and pattern their choices after what is popular or the style du jour, and the State feeds them lunch and now often breakfast as well. Children are told this is free. Free education and free food, provided by tax payers whose taxes pay for the parasites employed in the schools to do the indoctrination. We are just this week in the middle of another season of government schools demanding more taxes be voted to enrich the schools. My neighbors will all be voting to allow the government to steal more of my money to fund the indoctrination centers. Yesterday a 30-somthing woman teacher in a nearby school was convicted of seducing a number of high school boys for sex.

Niki Raapana said...

@musemaster: thank you, and yes, steamrolling is the word I'd choose too. But as Milton wrote, "hell is hope never comes that comes to all." So I choose hope and try to hold on to the family i have left. Doesn't the bible say something too about brother against brother?

@Griz: growl!

@what's: I could have expanded on this but wasn't sure.. maybe now i will. :)

@eric, "we don't need no education...booong" and yeah, got 2 new gertees set up in Wasilla now and they're small but we're in the final hammering and gotta be in the same place to get er done. I miss my home... i'll be back sometime soon to pick up gear and fix that center roof that tim said is caving in. Stop by if you see smoke.

I'll check out that site anon, i think i heard of it before too. I think the community will identify us as needing remedial training, and if they hang us it will be politely with perfect political correctness.. for the common good. :)

and yes, that last comment describes it to a T. the indoctrination of our youth is the hardest piece to stomach. I refuse to listen to their snide remarks about Americans anymore, and have found myself being ruder than i'vc ever been in my life to these smart alecks who parrot the lies. I did see something about that teacker and though of that teacher in Wa state who had a teenage boys baby, and got pg from him while serving time for molesting him! I think the fact that it's happeing more than occassionally shows just how much dignity we've lost under communitarian programming and how sick the emerging world will be. Most of what I read in the news now disgusts me, and I'm certainly no prude or anything like that.

It sure was nice to see so many comments and hellos. I rememebr a time when I never got comments! :)

Anonymous said...

And also this week: a 26-year-old teacher guy in another local school was arrested for having sex with a 15-year-old girl in that district. Part of the problem is that those who go into teaching have never left their own adolescence and that's why they love it in the schools. They're in their element: a kid among kids. And they consider those actual kids their equals. So why not have them for boyfriends/girlfriends? I know of so many situations like that personally where teachers have had sexually relationships with students and they're seldom caught. If parents ran the schools and hired and fired the teachers we could have control over these people. But the administrators are just teachers who managed to get to a higher level. They still have teacher minds and teacher attitudes which means they are foxes watching over the hen house.

Anonymous said...

Hello Niki - I've been a big fan of your work for several years now.. I read your articles and your blogs whenever I can.. I've also been posting them all over the net every chance I get.. Your research on Communitarianism is spot on.. Communitarians are real and they S*&K!! With regards to the social network thing, I wouldn't worry about it too much..

There are many layers of deceptions. From how you describe the events, my hunch tells me that the kid could have very well been an impostor, most likely a disinformation plant for the purpose of making anti-Communitarians look bad.. Unfortunately, this is how the game is played..ideas,or what is right or wrong, are not always the most important things.. not to them anyway.. How can a Jewess form former commie Soviet Union, such as Ayn Rand, be a spokesperson or a representative for liberty and individual's rights? That makes as much sense as a three dollar bill.. I'd say this was a case of reverse psychology..

Ayn Rand's whole purpose in life was to make individual liberty look bad.. I'd say it's highly probable that in reality he's not even an 18 year old kid, but some lady or another by the name of Cohen, Klein, Stein or other.. that's behind a curtain posing as one. Unfortunately, this is how the game is played..

Anonymous said...

Hi Niki,

I`d like you to know how much I appreciate your efforts. Communitarianism is being implemented everywhere where there are resources to be controlled/stolen. It`s like watching a snake slithering over the stones towards us. Thanks to you, at least I can see it!

In nature, a snake which can be seen has made a serious mistake.

All the best for you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Rapaana,
I have been thinking about the ways in which electronic social media present a number of problems for sceptics. On the one hand they provide amazing opportunities for communication of ideas-- but then the medium is the message, no? We inevitably start communicating in the same short cuts designed by the social programmers.It´s a challenge.
yours sincerely,
Lavender Luck

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Luck, I visited your blog and I am impressed. I signed up for your thoughts. I admire Charlotte immensely. She was one of the experts I met early in my information-gathering about the NWO. She told me the "gifted" class my child had been tricked into in the government school had some of the worst brainwashing material she had seen. I have been studying this for fifteen years +. Too bad comments are not allowed at your blog. Isn't Niki a wonder?