Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Abstract - The Anti Communitarian Manifesto

What is the Hegelian Dialectic?
and The Historical Evolution of Communitarian Thinking
by Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich, 2003
Seattle, Wyoming, Alaska.

(Update June 6, 2013: Ten years ago when we first published our free online antithesis to communitarianism we were, like most Americans, identifying it as a softer version of communism. A decade of further study showed us conclusively that communism is only one piece of the whole system introduced under communitarianism. Free trade and corporate capitalism are just as much a part of the economic theory, and unlike atheistic communism, Communitarianism is also a religion. There are just as many communitarians on the political right as there are on the political left. Almost all major organized religions have embraced Communitarianism. Many new movements that sound like they're promoting freedom from corporations and bankers promote communitarian solutions. The thing to remember is communitarianism is NOT a natural part of anything, it is a virus that attaches itself to everything and desrtoys wahtever value the true believers place on it. As Anti Communitarians we do not oppose any of the individual religions or political or economic beliefs that are part of the scam. We oppose the Communitarin influence on everything, and we are convinced Amitai Etzioni, the "everything expert" behind all of it, is a con.

In order to fully grasp the enormity of the system of global governance we faced in 1999, we started by understanding the formula for changing society. The Hegelian formula was well identified by many writers before we began our studies. What no one else had ever done before us was to identify the final synthesis in the Hegelian dialectic as communitarianism. The Anti Communitarian Manifesto is the only antithesis to communitarianism in the world. We were also the first to show Local Agenda 21 as communitarianism and provide ample sources for our claim. We were the first Americans to do an indepth study of Communitarian Law and provide sources for our claim that LA21 is a blueprint for communitarian law. Our works have been much plagiarized over the past decade. Regardless of what you may hear or read, Agenda 21 planners do not now nor have they ever identified their sustainable development plans as "Communitarian." The only evidence for LA21 plans being based in communitarian is our thesis and research.)


Background: Communitarianism is the theory that individual rights must be balanced against the rights of the "community." Its many proponents insist that individual rights and liberties pose a real threat to the health and safety of the "community at large." The founders of the Communitarian Network began "shoring up the moral, social and political environment" in the early 1990s. Today the communitarian theory is the basis for hundreds of new global rules and regulations eliminating individual rights, yet fewer than one percent of the affected population knows about it.

Results: The progression of recent history clearly shows a dedicated effort to lead the world into unknowingly accepting communitarian solutions. To understand how philosophical Communitarianism advanced itself, the authors traced it back to the original source. Using the works of the leading Communitarian theorists, they followed the path from Seattle Neighborhood Plans all the way to the International Court at the Hague.

Conclusion: The foundation for the communitarian theory is undisputedly the Hegelian dialectic; Part I, a tutorial on the Hegelian dialectic is fully substantiated by Jesuit priests, Renowned Marxists and Pope John Paul. Theoretical analysis, i.e.. (A) Communitarianism did not evolve naturally (B) and it was never a movement that arose out of U.S. society (C) therefore, communitarianism has no natural home in the United States., is further substantiated with 70 verifiable, solid references that overwhelmingly support it. Part II, also heavily referenced, outlines historical events leading to the global communitarian synthesis. The changing duality of the new legal system clearly indicates Communitarianism is a criminal enterprise whose aim is to destroy all legal institutions established under national and state constitutions. Both Part I and Part II establish the aims and shared goals of the lesser arms involved in the global communitarian insurrection, showing direct ties to the War on Terror business, the European Union's integration under Communitarian Law, the emerging North American Free Trade Zone, UN Local Agenda 21, global sustainable development programs, Regionalization, Faith-Based Initiatives, Volunteer America, Community Oriented Policing, Rebuilding Community and Community Development.
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For more detailed analysis of UN Local Agenda 21:
United Nations' Local Agenda 21 (LA-21)
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Here's what the Hegel tutorial looked like ten years ago:


robrob said...

I don't know if your aware or not, but I looked up the word community in some legal dictionaries, I got two answers, one is husband and wife and corporations. so when they speak of community they are saying they must balance the rights of people (individuals in the irs code I believe is a corporate term)against the right of the corporation, what is the right of a corporation? I believe they have rights to serve us.
sound about right?

Anonymous said...

uh-huh. i imagine the 'minor outlying islands as being fairly isolated', if so proving some kind of communitarian tenant that a person cannot live in isolation for too long without going stark. raving. bonkers.

Niki Raapana said...

@robrob, could you post exactly what each dictionary says? and which ones? I haven't looked up many of these terms in law dictionaries, that would be very helpful. Community Law is an established body of regulations and case law used in EU/WTO etc trade union disputes.

@anonymous, your theory would hold a bit more weight if the Manifesto was written in Alaska; it was written in Seattle, Washington, and Worland, Wyoming, which it could also be argued, would drive a person bonkers too! You prove a communitarian tenant by posting your trollish anoymous comments without substantiating anything except that you know how to throw insults based on geographical location. uh huh.

angry cheese said...

When dealing with corporations, don't forget that there is such a thing as the corporate person in law. It is a good way for the Chosen Elite to dodge any personal responsibility for the disasterous mayhem they may create!