Sunday, April 13, 2008

Man versus human being -- an alien theory

Comments on the post a few days ago have exceeded my expectations; how about this for an off topic turn:

I have a very interesting friend out here who has his own version of current events. I've read a LOT of far-out things since I began studying communitarianism, but this theory is just so horrible and unbelievable I usually bust out laughing when he gets really into explaining it (I'm one of those jerks who laugh when they're astonished). It goes something like this:

He insists there are more than one species living on the planet. He says all the different "stages" of man's evolution were designed to keep us from learning the "truth" about the difference between us. He uses a lot of Biblical history to back up his theory (as do Marrs, Ike et. al.) He says the difference between the two main species is hu-mans are a DNA experiment who have an alien conscience, and that the way to tell the difference is how they react to being "caught" doing something immoral. He says the human will feel guilt and shame but the man will only worry about being caught. His theory is that "man" does not have the capability to feel remorse and ultimately is nothing more than food for the carnivorous hidden alien rulers. He says I am "obviously" human and that my job is to keep the cattle happy and calm before the slaughter, and he can't see why I want to "stir them up when it won't do a bit of good anyway."

I have to admit the first time I heard him explain his theory to me I went back to my tent and thought about it all night. I really do try to be fair to anyone who wants to tell me what they think is going on. But there's one thing these Wiccan/freemason religions seem to have in common, and that is they have NOTHING to hope for. They are the most depressing and defeatist beliefs I've ever been exposed to. Either we all have to die to save overpopulated Mother Earth, or we all have to die because the gods are hungy.

These beliefs do not incur a sense of obligation to "help" their fellow individual man next door. Had I been a Wiccan I would certainly never have undertaken ACL work. Ironically, the first placed I camped after I decided to go "homeless" in 2001 was a private park that had been used for Wiccan ceremonies for decades. Their little icons were everywhere, so the first night I went outside and announced to the manevolent spirits that I would tolerate their presence and avoid their alters only if they stayed out of my tent space. I stood there in the mist and lightly falling snow and I had no fear, because I knew in my heart that my weak, wavering and often non-existent belief in Jesus is more powerful than any petty "god" that needs sexual orgies to survive. So while I can't join in any discussion about what the Bible says or doesn't say, I can attest to the living presence in my heart of a power so overwhelming that I was compelled to drop everything in my life and work day and night for seven years to study the Plan. I have lost hope hundreds of times and I've shed a thousand tears, but then something wonderful always happens to change the way I feel. For bookworms like me it's easy to know exactly what I think. But it's difficult for me to examine my feelings, and I've never been able to explain them.

I know that one primary goal of the planners is to cause us to lose hope and give up.

John Milton defined Hell as something like, "hope never comes that comes to all."


Anonymous said...

Demons are totally intolerant of your attitude Niki. I know because it sounds very much like my own. I learned to overcome my fears as a young boy of 12 on the farm when I sometimes had to do my chores after dark and I didn't have a light.

A couple of years ago I went into my upstairs bedroom, turned on the light, then went down to lock up and stepped out on my patio for a last look at the night sky which is always a beautiful sight because of the low light conditions here. I noticed a light flickering on my bedroom window and first thought it came from passing traffic, but a quick survey proved that there was no traffic or lights outside the house. Then I saw that the shade which was all the way down was flapping at one corner as if being blown by a wind. However, the window was closed and there was no wind, and there was no fan on inside. I estimated that the corner of the shade was about 10 inches higher than the other, and 8 to 10 inches out from the wall, and it was moving. The interior light was shining on the screen.

After studying that situation for a few moments, I took another scan of the sky and went inside and locked the door. I went up to the bedroom, stepped inside and saw that the shade was hanging motionless. I got in bed, turned out the light, pulled up the covers and went to sleep.

They have no power that we don't give them and they get nothing from me.

I saw a house burn to the ground in about 15 minutes in 1973, witnessed also by my second wife from our upstairs window. However, the problem was not that a house had burned, but the fact that it was in the middle of a 300 acre field where no house had ever stood. As the fire collapsed very rapidly, it reduced to a pair a lights which began moving and turned toward the highway. The lights illuminated its path and it had red tail lights. It turned onto the highway and drove away.

I witnessed a UFO along with a hundred or more others at a drive-in theater in San Antonio in 1966. It moved slowly and made no sound. It passed a few hundred yards to the left and disappeared behind the screen. About thirty minutes later it returned along the same path.

I know that this paranormal stuff happens, but I do not "believe" in it. People who take this phenomena at face value provide an open house for demon possession.

Anonymous said...

Hey Niki, You are right on, as usual. I don't know if this quite corresponds, but as a kind of history nut, I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to defeat a people without first 'killing' their god(s) if their gods inspire them with any kind of hope or positive feeling at all.

I can't explain precisely what the mechanism is, but according to my observations that is what happens. I think this is why conquerers in the past would always either kidnap or kill the idols of the people they were conquering.

I think today this is why there is this big drive to throw out faith in Jesus/God in favor of malevolent demons or aliens, or just nothing. A people without a good relationship with a benevolent God really seem to just wither away. At the best they show what the doctors would call a 'failure to thrive'.

I do not have any hard data for it, but I bet you that most of the many people who committed suicide in Russia immediately post the communist period were the most atheist people in the population.

The people who survive and thrive over the long term have the best relationship with God. This is why, I think, belief in God persists despite all the impatience of the defeatists and satanists and all the rest.

I can't explain it. I just note it empirically.

Anonymous said...

We have studied the methods liars use to work their magic. How they rely on ideas more than words to induce wrong thinking which seems correct. The role of duplicity to confuse the meaning of words and many other tricks.

Jesus said that the original Serpent was the father of the lie. He stated that his opposer's were of their father the devil. Therefore all liar's are of the Serpent, therefore they are serpents, or reptilian.

Many refer to certain aliens as reptilian, and some men are said to be affiliated with them and therefore they too are reptilian. If you have listened to any paranormal discussions, you have heard this claim of the reptilian influence being the source of many problems.

Based on this reasoning, we have liar's paranormal fabrications about reptilians being in control of events here on Earth.

Jesus said to his opposers: "You are of the Devil as father, and the lusts of your father you desire to do. That one was a murderer from the beginning, and he has not stood in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own, because he is a liar, and the father of it." - John 8:44.

He continues: "And because I speak the truth, you do not believe Me." Or as Dresden James put it: "When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic."

So it has become if you question any of these alien theories. The liars speak the truth about reptilian aliens, and impart the lie through the engendered belief in the whole genre of UFO, alien, abductions, out of body experience, etc.

They don't have to lie in the literal sense with their words when we are surrounded by such eager believers who are so easily duped. They tell the truth that the reptilians are the bad guys, but this is only one side, the duplicitous presentation. The other side, the belief that aliens come from other star systems and are reptilian, is a false construct in the minds of the believers, and this is the lie which they believe.

The reptilians are real and correctly identified and characterized in the Bible. But the myths told about them are made up entirely by the deceived believers who prefer the myth over the hard truth, because the truth has consequences more dire than the myth.

Niki Raapana said...

My friend Catherine is a local naturalist who picks Alaskan herbs and makes ointments and salves and lovely teas. She went outside last winter and travelled across Canada and Western US making handmade baskets to survive. She's back now and she told me that everywhere she went people treated her like she was some kind of mystical, spiritual guru. We're getting ready for the summer season and in a recent meeting I asked our little group what they think people expect when they come to Alaska. Catherine said, "Oh, no doubt about it. They want magic."

So after faith and belief are gone and all hope is forgotten, people look elsewhere for the great connection, continally looking for some kind of belief in something that will allow them to believe in a supreme power, or promise them they have a potential for it. The new age seems to promise them they have power. When they are faced with the stark, brutal, horrific reality of their own powerlessness against murders, I can see why that would make suicide a viable option.

By the time I started my research in 1999, Christian sources were already completely discredited in the "journalistic" community. Up to then I had existed unaware of that transformation (because I was still under the impression that we as a people respected Christian scholars). The BEST research I found on the Plan was written by devout Christian authors. Imagine my shock when my "adviser" told me to stop using Christians as sources, especially when she herself is a church going member. Eventually I found a way and started adding links to things I just HAD to include in ACL topic research papers like this: "For a great Christian overview, go to: ... "

The same people who question my unwavering dedication to exposing the communitarian Plan always want me to believe in the alien theory.

Anonymous said...

All that is required to understand what is true and good, is to look at what the New Age/Communitarians seek to destroy. It becomes pretty clear that the crown jewel of God's creation, human life is the target. Why? We are the only creature with the mental capacity to recognize the fact of our creation. To discredit God, we have to go. Everything the New Ager does is a stepping stone toward the ascension transformation which, if we follow the process to its logical conclusion, leads to death of humanity, leaving no one on Earth to speak of a Creator ever again. Following is a partial explanation of the efforts to make us something less than human as a precursor to the transformation to ascension and post-human.

"The horrific events of history’s most terrible century cannot be understood without recalling the religious dimension of reality, particularly of intelligent evil and its positive intention to deface and destroy. Scholars confuse our comprehension of the times because the minds of even earnest writers forget or reject the reality of evil and malevolent intentionality. The very concept has been drained from our minds and no longer exists as a reference to explain our grim predicament. Most people think humanity is the source of evil in the world, though the actual architect and tireless cause of our private agony and social distress is the real and personal father of lies and lord of Hate, external from human nature.
"Revelling in human misery, his driven objective is to unmake human beings, to separate men from their humanity, to steer us toward his own conscious state of perfect non-existence called hell, knowingly separated from Him who sustains all existence. He created us with the will free to choose good or evil, so Satan must rely on men to dehumanise themselves. He cannot do this directly; he can only entice men to do it to themselves.

"God created us yearning toward good and averse to evil. Men know when they are wicked. Therefore, evil must proceed in secret and by deception so it is not recognised until its power is sufficient to impose the general terror required to entrench its rule. Until then, evil dreads exposure because men naturally condemn and suppress it if they recognise it." -

There is growing evidence that we are approaching the point where "its power is sufficient to impose the general terror". Many within the New Age Movement believe that time will come in 2012. The "Revelation of the Method" should be seen as a test to determine just how much evil can be exposed without it being generally condemned.