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LA21: the Smoking Cannon

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Woke up to 32 degrees at 7am, got the fires going and started thinking about all the attention the ACL is getting from people who oppose LA21 and communitarian global governance. I don't know that this article is exactly what I wanted to write about it, seems like I had a lot more personal things to say about how happy I am to witness such an awakening in my country. But I am inspired by the efforts of so many more people who have chosen to take a stand against this theft of freedom. The people I'm meeting are not left or right, Democrat or Tea Party, they don't share one faith. Like traditional Americans, they have one primary thing in common, and that is the desire to maintain and enforce legitimate U.S. law.

Please help me fill in the list of contacts at the end, I know there are more good links out there.

Special thanks to our new friend Joanne for all the candles, wax, groceries, dishes!!!???!!!, healing and love, and to our best friend Jim P. whose generosity has sustained us more than once. Our warmest congratulations to Jason and his wife's first baby! Life has been surprisingly good lately, and if we get the wireless this week I'll be able to respond to all the comments from cheese and sean and the other few of you who give me a reason to keep allowing comments. :)

LA21: the Smoking Cannon

by Niki Raapana
August 31, 2010

Many more "normal" people are talking and writing about the global government these days. So many more people are actually exposing the global government's matrix that our ACL research has been elevated from "conspiracy theory" to necessary and vital information. The Big Plan for global Utopia is finally coming out into the open, because People are asking the right questions.

I'm not talking about the movie, "The Matrix," although it was based in the Hegelian dialectic and matrix101 links directly to our antithesis. I'm not referring to a secret plan handed out at the Bilderberg or Club of Rome, although evidence shows elite groups participated in the creation of the NWO. I'm not talking about Bible prophecy, and I'm not talking about Luciferian Enlightenment or the secret British-Masonic-Zionist plan to make a better world either, although some communitarian teachers do admit they worship at the alter of Satan.

I am talking about the published plan to build a One World Bureaucracy. It's the blueprint for Sustainable Development handed out at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992. It does exist and it's completely verifiable, as more and more people will now admit. They have to.

United Nations Local Agenda 21 Programme for Sustainable Development is the "smoking gun" for the New World Order. Adopted by all member nations in 1992, this is the model for redesigning a communitarian world. If you're like a lot of people who sense something is very wrong, if you're looking for concrete, irrefutable evidence for the New World Order in your neighborhood, nothing comes close to asking your local officials about Local Agenda 21 (LA21).

Don't just use the Internet to find your plan, although many of our LA21 plans and their affiliate agencies are available online. Exercise your authentic power. Call or stop by your local City Hall. Meet face-to-face with your elected public officials. Ask to review all local planning actions that come under UN guidelines for Sustainable Development (SD). Ask to review any local agreements with ICCLEI.

The existence of a master plan for global government can almost be verified in one call to our City or County Clerk. Asking whether there has been anything locally adopted or resolved that promotes Sustainable Development is not a hard question anymore. Even people outside government groups have heard this new term by now. Most people think it's a good thing because they believe it arose naturally. It has a huge following. Hell, everything is going "sustainable" now. From agriculture to industry to lifestyles to education, the whole world is promoting sustainability.

So, if every body's doing it, it must be a good thing, right? What's the big deal?

Well, first of all, if sustainability really just meant a benign way of healing the planet from corporate poisoning, it would not include so many laws that govern common people's lives. There is nothing benign about Sustainable Development to the common man. SD is a set of global community laws that supplant individual liberty, formally maintained within national, state and local property and privacy laws.

Second of all, communitarian laws always "balance" the rights of the individual against the community; therefore SD only protects the global community government from the common man. Every nation in the world is experiencing a "wrenching transformation" of national laws into compliance with international SD law. LA21 could also be called "No Nation Left Behind."

American homeowners are almost totally clueless as to why so much of the Stimulus Package is directed into upgrades that allow the government to monitor and control them inside their homes. What kind of system puts monitors on garbage trucks so that the trucks can scan our garbage cans in order to spot the cans that have recyclable items in the wrong cans? What kind of a system establishes neighborhood groups who monitor their neighbors for SD compliance and report infractions of new community biased regulations? What kind of a system puts RFID trackers in garments and Retinal Scans in Driver's Licenses? What kind of a system builds a huge database of every one's most private and personal information?

Think you know what your nation stands for? Still believe that SD is a local solution written by locals for a local purpose? Prove it. Go ahead. Stop reading this. Pick up a phone right now and call your City Clerk. Ask to review and copy anything having to do with U.N. Local Agenda 21 or Sustainable Development.

Because there are so many local programs implementing global SD, you will probably be told your request is "too broad." So, okay, narrow your focus. This means get specific.

Ask your public servant (who works for you) which city and county agencies have already adopted Sustainable Development. After the usual "Why do you need this information?" which you do not have to answer with anything but a smile, the honest answer will likely be, "all of them." If there's any lingering doubt about how prevalent SD is in your home, read and copy every local agency's Mission Statement.

How do you tie Sustainable Development to the United Nations if your local government claims their Sustainable Development has no connection to U.N. Local Agenda 21? Ask them to give you a clear and legal definition for Sustainable Development. They have no choice but to waffle or cite the 1987 United Nations Bruntland Commission's "official" definition for Sustainable Development.

You'll see the terms for engagement very quickly. Once you've started, be prepared for the worst a TV trained government agent can throw at you. If you have property or own a local business, you are definitely taking risks. The risk is worth it though, since the ultimate price we'll all pay is what happens to private property and privacy under the plan; it's completely abolished.

And, since all U.S. constitutional law is based in private property rights, any plan to abolish private property is treason here, pure and simple. They know this too.

How much can you find out about how far down the LA21 road your neighborhood has gone? This could be a real adventure if you took it on. Nothing incites the senses like following the path of your enemies into your own home. This is a global war. The real fight is over our land, our people and all our resources. It's being fought every day on all our home fronts, from London to Kenny Lake, Alaska.

There are several other key terms to look for: livability, quality of life, common good, vision for the future, community values, to name just a few. When Americans find unfamiliar (new) terms used in any U.S. government document, because of our Federal (F.O.I.A.) and State Public Disclosure laws, we can request a clear, legal definition of the word or phrase. We can read and copy every government agent's documents related to the use of the term too, from hand scribbled notes to polished propaganda. This is what real transparency in government means. Many other Western nations have similar laws.

If the idea of a war is too hard to accept, think of it as a fishing expedition. Stay quiet and calm so you don't scare the fish away. Gently remove the hook and throw back all the small fish you catch, or use them as bait. Bide your time, wait for the granddaddy of all fish to smell the blood. This breed of fish devours its own, like a shark, so when you have the Big One on the hook, you've hooked them all on one line.

Who wants to show Americans and the rest of the world the extent of our new global laws, global-to-local development plans, and all our local partnerships with global associations (and funding). They may be openly revising their national constitutions in South America and the EU under supremacy of communitarian law, but in most Western free and open "democracies," LA21 plans are anything but open.

For those who need to know more, Sustainable Development is based in communitarianism. This philosophy drives every aspect of the emerging supra-national system. If you understand the theory, you'll understand the new tactics. Once you've verified for yourself that LA21 plans exist for your home, do a little Internet search for the term "communitarianism." The results will amaze you.


Niki Raapana is the author of "2020: Our Common Destiny," a short and concise introduction to the emerging global injustice system, available only through ACL Books. http://nord.twu.net/acl/books.html

For further information and starting/joining an Agenda 21 Awareness group in your area:

Anti Communitarian League, Educational Website & Books, global perspective, primarily research
Freedom Advocates, CA, U.S. emphasis, legal actions, educational pamplets, videos, DVDs, speaking engagements, radio show
Democrats Against Agenda 21, CA, U.S. emphasis, legal actions
Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition, community model
Spokane Patriots, WA,
Agenda 21 is Evil
Citizens Against ICCLI, model legislation
In Canada, Paul Barnes and Kathleen Moore, Habeus Corpus Canada
In the UK, Stop Common Purpose


Anonymous said...

Wow. 32 degrees this morning for you. We've had an entire summer of miserable heat and 90 degree days. I'm actually looking forward to winter and gloom. On another note, my thanks again for your efforts and research. If, by chance, some of the sheep are starting to question, you have the answers there for them. Thank you for me and my children and my grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

This morning's Columbus Dispatch has an article about American Electric Power, the electric utility that supplies our power (and is quite large and in several States) and the article tells about the new electric meters that are being installed, first in some local communities but later to be installed in all, and the meters will tell AEP when and how power is being used so that in future people will pay more for using power at certain hours of the day. AEP was given a huge amount of money by the Obama administration to pull this off. AEP bought an enormous truck/bus/van that is being driven around the area to "educate people" about being sustainable and this was funded by Obama's program (which we know is not his at all but is part of SD). People are being told this will save them money, having these Smart Meters, and they're dumb enough to believe it. They are going to have their business known by the electric company while all their medical information is put on computers at their doctor's office. While their and their child's BMI is being established and made part of the record.

Anonymous said...

I posted twice at this article, using excerpts from your latest, unbelievably timely blog post. I did not include your name or your blog name. I have promoted it many, many times in the past. I have no way of knowing if people go to your site when they read the URL in my comments. This time I just "stole" your sentences, adding one of my own at the end. I am still trying to decide whether to comment again, this time including your blog address. What should I do?

Niki Raapana said...

Our summer was rainy and cold, burnt 2 cords of wood because it stayed so chilly. Hard to go into winter when you're still waiting for summer to come. And then there's these tiny, tiny bugs that are in every room now. The best thing about snow is there won't be any wondering if it's gonna be warm or bugless, and we can all start mushing again! And you're very welcome, all your relations. :)

You are welcome to post any links to my works and use my name, but as we saw in the Napa Register, I can be easily called "nuts" too.

From the article:
"Ohio could be the testing ground to show what this is all about," said Energy Secretary Steven Chu, speaking at Battelle in Columbus.

The use of smart meters has led to concern from privacy advocates who worry that the utility will know too much about customers' behavior.

Joe Hamrock, AEP Ohio's president and chief operating officer, said data security is an essential part of the project.

"In all cases, consumers' data is secure," he said.

In my experience all our combined data is only secure FROM us, and that's what they mean when they claim it's secure. COMPASS has many layers to the map guides. I was never once allowed to see or review or recommend changes to any layer of my COMPASS file that was started on me in 1999. It's not just info from one source, it's the combination of sources that make this a dangerous system.

who+dares+wings said...

Here's an article about a friend of mine who is a miniaturist. His miniatures are amazing! And often
very spooky. His name is Rick Araluce and he looks like Mink DeVille.


Seattle was the home of the original COPS policy paper author Gil Kerlikowski. He's now Obama's drug czar. The ex-governor and the ex-King County executive were also called to Wash DC to lend their community building expertise to the present administration. Last week an Indian (as in Native American) was shot dead for whittling in public. They could have disarmed him with talk, judo, or even maced him. Instead, they just murdered the guy on the spot. Of course, an investigation is pending, but in Gil Kerlikowski's town these always go nowhere.

Paul Barnes said...

Here are a couple of links to the Marmora local "initiative" where I used to live. Back in the city again.

Flyer page 1:

Flyer page 2:

Paul Barnes said...

Sorry page 2 is here: