Friday, August 29, 2008

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is a Communitarian

Communitarianism is a global system of governance that depends heavily on elected politicians and their appointed councils to write and implement global communitarian law and standards. In the U.S. and most western nations, Community and Economic Development is a key communitarian program that allows the expanded, more balanced government to direct and control all private property, for the "common good."

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough Comprehensive Plan and Anchorage 2020 is included in our book, "2020: Our Common Destiny." We used the plan as an example of what kinds of things are embedded in local rebuilding community plans in Alaska, as opposed to Seattle plans which we studied, fought and ran away from when we moved home in 2004.

After I read Palin's mission statment online when she was running for governor, I emailed her staff and asked them to please explain what she meant by her core philosophy being her desire to promote the common good. They never responded.

Last month I read a copy of one of her state of the state addresses where she promised to provide jobs and train all Alaskans, because we were "born to work."

Here's a perfect example of a communitarian council formed to promote the common good:
"On September 14, 2007, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin signed Administrative Order 238, establishing the Climate Change Sub-Cabinet. The sub-cabinet will consolidate the state's knowledge of climate change in order to recommend policies and measures to guide the state's mitigation and adaptation efforts. It includes the commissioners of the Departments of Commerce, Community and Economic Development; Natural Resources; Fish and Game; Transportation and Public Facilities; and Environmental Conservation (Chair). The Administrative Order also directs the group to consult with the president of the University of Alaska and explore ways to promote development of renewable energy sources such as geothermal, wind, hydroelectric, and tidal resources. Governor also signed a letter adding Alaska as an observer to the Western Climate Initiative."

"Recommending policies and measures" sounds so benign, doesn't it? What if this article was more clear about the sub-cabinet's objective, and said their purpose is to guide the state into supranational communitarian integration? What is the purpose for an agency in every city in the U.S. called Community and Economic Development? Why would developers be on a sub-cabinet determining how to adapt Alaska state constitutional law to become subordinate to global climate change law? Hmmm.

Sarah Palin is the key to understanding why there is ultimately ZERO difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. We will have a global communitarian government no matter who we vote for. The changes that happened to Wasilla under Palin's leadership are ALL communitarian in nature. We hear about it all the time from people who still live there. New regulations restrict dog mushing trails, new cops cite people for junk storage and "noise"... this is called a "local" solution but come on people, it's almost an EXACT replica of Seattle and everywhere else. Who taught Palin to mouth global communitarian platitudes, and why don't our people think it's odd when a politican says they promise to provide jobs and training?

The focus will be one her beauty and inexperience. Is anyone even remotely interested in knowing her philosophy? Was Hegel cute?

The environmentalists hate her for her connection to Big Oil (she wants to open ANWR) and one I read said she's done less than Bush to curb climate change. Our state boasts a fair share of change agents on all sides of every issue. Here's an Alaskan fly fisherman who supported the Clean Water Act, an initiative shot down at the polls after a statewide education campaign led by people who wanted voters to consider the far-reaching implications of the proposed law. It works so well when the dialectical choice is between shutting down all resources to everyone or allowing international developers control of state resources. Either way, the people who want the right to own an independant mine are the losers. When I lived in Fairbanks in 1976 there were about 3500 private gold mines in the area. A few years ago, after 3 decades of new mining regulations, it was down to less than 500.

Added Sept 4:

For a good overview of how to build a communitarian city, got to the City of Wasilla Economic Development page.
Mission Statement

We are committed to achieving an unparalleled quality of life* for the people of Wasilla, Alaska by building prosperity, fostering opportunity, and unleashing the "can do" spirit in our community.

* The term "quality of life" was the topic of the Vassar Sociology class where my thesis and this blog were introduced as reading materials. "Quality of life" is a communitarian term that means something different for everyone. When it's used in conjunction with community and economic development, it means the new development includes revising the government structure, incorporating community policing, and the city assuming enlarged or revised powers to direct and control private property. COPS (of which Wasilla has almost more than Valdez) work with city planners to train city employees in inside home inspections. City inspectors are trained to gather all kinds of data on citizens which is turned over to the COPS. All federal community COPS have access to the DOJ-COPS COMPASS database. Their interest in private citizens can lead to health and safety interventions, arrests, or the ultimate goal, abatements.

Here's a "Foreign Policy Snapshot of McCain's VP" by the Center for U.S. Global Engangement:


Anonymous said...

The one thing which is becoming increasingly clear is that there are numerous dialectical processes going on. Thousands of them actually if the truth were known, working one within another.

People are generally willing to see those which work against their personal interests, but gleefully support those which they perceive to be in their favor, or against their opposition. Will they ever learn that the result is always the same? Not likely. All the evidence suggests that the people are getting the government they want and fully deserve.

Perhaps we should congratulate them on their success, and move on. I really don't know where the line should be drawn, but I am certain that there is a proper place, and that we are very close to it, and perhaps it has already been passed.

The Bible prophecy states that the good news of the kingdom will be preached unto all the world, and then the end will come. - (Matthew 24:14) The Internet is global. The news has been published. When the people are interested only in their own personal pursuits, and the dialectic is helping them achieve it, and they whole heartedly throw their support behind it, what more is there to be done?

Niki Raapana said...

There are still those who want to study, I just got another email thanking us and another from an ACL friend who wants to learn more from you in regards to what this knowledge has done to his faith. I don't think we can ever know how many people have gained from what you've done at Maybe it's time we just write for us and the people who are trying to get out of the dialectic.

I was so very wrong about this election; I was certain it would be hillary and/or nobama because of their direct ties to the DLC. I barely paid any attention to McCain and know only a few things about him. I thought it was a waste of my time to follow the election because I was sure it would all follow their plan, no matter who won. But this Palin pick is so far out of what I imagined that I am compelled to read and find out more. It's as if picking her added just the right level of new "excitement" that people were looking for.. and it's giving people lots of opportunity to talk about all their opposing, dialectical opinions. It's a trip to read what they believe are the important "issues." How can we quit our work when the issue of changing our communities into a new global to local communitarian system is never mentioned?

I've been asked by several people what I think of her, and I wish I could say she's not one of them. It sure looks like she's not, and on the surface she seems okay. But maybe the most important "truth" about Palin is written into new municipal plans and community policing grants in Wasilla. Maybe all the hype about her could lead to exposure of LA21 and community development. Or maybe I'm wrong about her and she could be just a regular Alaskan mom devoted to public service work.

Here's an interesting forum called the American Thinker:

Anonymous said...

I haven't been following the campaigns because I don't believe they are relevant, so I had not read anything about Palin except what you posted here until today. For now I'm sticking to my analysis of the Trilateral Commission and the CFR indicators, and they're pointing to Obama. The republicans are reacting to that, but it won't change anything, unless by accident, and Palin looks like a hedged bet against that eventuality.

I covered Katrina with news clips and comment, as you and thousands of other websites did. Those who stayed in the areas threatened by Gustav until evacuation notices went out are now wearing armbands containing their personal history which is scanned into a computer database, so their movement can be tracked. How will they benefit from anything I could possibly add to what I have already published? How many more examples have to be provided?

I tend to season my comments with a little hot sauce which many people find very offensive. Most commentators are much more tactful which is just another word for compromise, and they are highly respected by large followings of some very ignorant people. The prophets were killed because of their corrosive pronouncements, but I am no prophet, so I'm simply ignored, which is not really a problem, because I understand why. Most people who congratulate me on anything eventually drop out of sight. If I didn't understand it, it would be embarrassing to admit how few have stayed with me for any length of time. I can count them on one hand, and some of them are pretty quiet.

Helping those who want to study has always been my intent. My hosting service is paid to October 2010, so its available whether or not I publish another page or make another post. I'm not looking for an ending actually, but a beginning when people's confidence in this corruption they call government is finally shaken off its baseless foundation. It won't be a pretty sight, but nothing less will produce the necessary change, and then it will be out of our hands anyway. Ironically, there is very little difference between my views and those of the powers behind this system. I know much of what they know and can describe it in the same words which they would use if they were so inclined. The difference of course, is that I see a different outcome from what they intend.

I want to reorganize the content of adding megabytes of collected information, and put it all on a CD or DVD perhaps, for off line use in case we should loose the Internet. I do expect the Internet to go off limits to the general public as soon as it has achieved its propaganda publishing purpose.

When the people finally realize that they are absolutely powerless, public journalism will have no function, so it will cease, and the expression of contrary views will not be allowed. The tone of journalism can be expected to reflect official dictations from our masters, and news papers, if they even exist, will be read through rose colored glasses.