Friday, February 18, 2011

Truth or Dare Games with Community Developers

My friend Lewis called me today from Palmer. He met a Community Developer a few weeks ago while visiting a friend in a "poor" subdivision. He said the developer guy told them he was helping build a nicer community and that the house full of teenage boys should all pitch in and help. The stranger asked a LOT of personal questions, names, addresses, etc, and then some very strange questions like whether they could mow a lawn and stuff like that. Lewis told me it sounded exactly like what I told him over Christmas about the ABCD program. There's a lot more to the story, some of it's interesting (like the stranger wore a huge gold/gemstone ring with a masonic symbol in the stone) and some of it's just plain weird (like the way the stranger took "number" notes during the homemade Q&A "game" he brought in and made them all play).

How does Civil Society and Freemasonry relate today?

Is Freemasonry a Religion?

Is Freemasonry a Community Building Organization?
Presentation on Communitarian Thought to University of Illinois College of Law Conference on Economic Development, Champaign, Illinois, April 22-25, 1993.

The stranger was about 25 years old and stayed at Lewis's friends house asking questions from 2:30 am until 5am. Lewis never got any information about the man besides his first name, and he doesn't know why the stranger had a big map of Wasilla/Palmer that he carried inside with him. Under the new legal system the community development agent did not need to disclose anything. In case you think this looks like an issue that needs to be decided by the courts, go see what kinds of experience you'd be up against here:

So, it's still winter and I'm totally out of cut wood after 52 below for two nights and finally a reprieve last night (only 28 below) and today (almost 5 above!), so I can't go too deeply into this yet. But there's no question of whether or not Alaskan graduates have the skills Lewis said this young guy has. And yes, our local colleges are teaching ABCD as a community development tool.

What kind of jobs exist for UAF students trained in this major field of study:
The (UAF) Rural Development degree is built around a required 33-credit core of RD courses that focus on the theory and practice of "rural and community development" in indigenous and other rural Alaskan communities.

These include:

* RD 300(W) Rural Development in a Global Perspective (3 cr.)
* RD 325 Community Development Strategies (3 cr.)
* RD 350(O) Indigenous Knowledge and Community Research (3 cr.)
* RD 351 Strategic Planning for Rural Communities (3 cr.)
* RD 352 Rural Business Planning and Proposal Development (3 cr.)
* RD 400 Rural Development Internship (3 cr.)
* RD 450 Managing Rural Projects and Programs (3 cr.)
* RD 475(W) Senior Project (3 cr.)
* RD Electives (6 cr.)
* RD, Alaska Native Studies, or Education electives (3 cr.)

RD300W Rural Development in a Global Perspective (s) (3 Credits) Fall Explores the relationship between rural communities and the global economy, with an emphasis on sustainable development. Highlights the multiple meanings of "development" and issues of population growth, environmental change, gender, and indigenous peoples as they relate to rural development. Includes an introduction to the basic concepts and theories of development. (Prerequisite: Junior standing or permission of instructor.)

RD315 Tribal People and Development (s) (3 Credits) Alternate Spring Comparative examination of socioeconomic development processes on tribal peoples in third and fourth world societies. Attention to implications of these processes for Alaska Native people. (Prerequisite: Junior standing or permission of instructor.)

RD325 Community Development Strategies (s) (3 Credits) Spring Examines principles and strategies of asset-based development in rural communities throughout the world. Explores the history of community development ideas and case studies of specific strategies in Alaska and beyond. Topics include community healing, economic renewal, and collaborative decision-making approaches.

RD350O Indigenous Knowledge and Community Research (3 Credits) Fall Provides students with an understanding of community research approaches and techniques. Emphasis on the role and need for community-based research and ethical issues associated with it. Students use a hands-on approach to learning about oral history documentation, surveys of community assets and needs, and basic community survey techniques.

RD351 Strategic Planning for Rural Communities (3 Credits) Spring Examination of the major components of planning and grant writing processes as they relate to community level land use, business and social service projects. (Junior standing or permission of instructor.

RD352 Rural Business Planning and Proposal Development (3 Credits) Provides undergraduate students with an understanding of the principles and processes involved in strategic planning, business planning and proposal development with the focus on application to rural Alaska. Focus is on meeting the unique planning needs of rural Alaska comunities and organizations to help develop sustainable new business and garner grant resources for immediate community needs.(3 + 0) Offered Spring
Masons care a lot about health related issues too... and offer prevention screenings:


Anonymous said...

This is how I interpret the way Masons want to help out in healthcare. After all, they gave US “CBO” – Clinton, Bush, Obama:

“Madison Masonic Lodge To PROMOTE Healthy Heart Attacks In America With Controlled Inventions.”

As far as I’m concerned they can get back on their little Masonic tricycles and peddle their way back into hell where they belong! Would America ever think of resurrecting the Anti-Masonic Party? Nah. Too many brainwashed people just love dancing in their Masonic underwear under the Communitarian label. Gee-whiz, makes you wonder what else will come dancing out of the closet next – Satan?

Anonymous said...

That is a bomb shell. That this stuff would be so intensely studied and practiced in the "wilderness" is shocking. And I know that Freemasonry is involved in things people would never imagine. More than a decade ago I learned Freemasonry was involved in supplying school curriculums to public schools in multiple States including mine. People claim that they don't want religion taught in the public schools but Freemasonry is a religion and it was being insinuated into some schools. When I was in a public school I saw kids wearing jackets to school that were embroidered with the words "Job's Daughters" and "Demolay" but I had no idea what those words meant. Later I learned the Freemasons start young and have organizations for their sons and daughters and Demolay and Job's Daughters are those organizations. I also learned about the Eastern Star organization that Freemasons have for their wives and adult daughters. Eastern Star members, women, must have a male Freemason who is in charge of their group.

Niki Raapana said...

The funny thing about the Anti-Masoinc Party was it helped to split the vote and got a freemason, Andrew Jackson, elected president. While Jackson is a big hero to both the left and the right, seems to me there's a lot more to his story than we're supposed to know.

Nordica just told me how often she sees mason symbols now on big, new expensive trucks in Wasilla. We've never paid any attention before so I don't know if it's a new thing or if the masons actually built Alaska. I know most of our state "founders" were criminals who saw the state as a big nuclear dump.

Personally, I like the guys on the tricycles (I marched on a drill team in lots of parades when I was a teenager, they were always a delightful bunch). And I saw the way the higher-ups take over at the local level in Worland, WY.

Masonry is like it is with every ideological group associated with the plan... the folks on the bottom rung are real people and have little to no idea of what they're involved in, other than charitable giving.

Isn't is interesting that we have a Masonic Temple way the hell out here in the middle of nowhere? no Muslim mosque, no Jewish temple and no Catholic Cathedral.... just fundamentalist "Christians", Masons, and Earth worshipers, who all seem to show up on every crucial new council and committee being formed out here. They share the same visions and goals.

And, the Executive Director of the Wrangell Institute for Science and the Environment (WISE) is a (high level?) Mason, they advertise that fact right on their website.

I finally learned what Eastern Star was because of Ron Paul.

Niki Raapana said...

Starting pay for community development graduates looks pretty good too, a "Community Wellness Coordinator" starts at $20.44 hr:

During my first interview with the Director of Seattle NATS, Veronica Jackson, she whined that she had a "really good job" and that my questions were jeopardizing it. At that time I wanted definitions of key terms Seattle used to change the law, like "livability" and "quality of life." Today I would surely be asking, what the hell is "community wellness?"

Anonymous said...

You're the great granddaughter of a member of the Eastern Star.

Niki Raapana said...

Sue, that's wild! Who? and how come nobody ever told me that... not that it would've meant anything to me. My friend Lewis got interested in all this because one of his grandfathers was a high level mason/cop in California, but nobody in the family seems to know much about him.

Anonymous said...

I’m quite offended here Niki. As a matter of fact I’m pissed! It’s obvious that you have pro Masonic leanings, especially after this bold LIE that made me see red:
“The funny thing about the Anti-Masoinc Party was it helped to split the vote and got a freemason, Andrew Jackson, elected president.”

I would suggest you visit here for the truth:

But after this comment I don’t expect you to visit the site at all:
“Personally, I like the guys on the tricycles..”

And I really take offense to this quote you used:
“..They share the same visions and goals…”

Christianity does NOT share the same visions and goals as the Masons, Muslims, Catholics, Jewish Temples, and Earth worshippers!!! How sick can you get??

And your response to Anonymous??
“…not that it would've meant anything to me…”
If somebody accused me of being a Mason or falsely accused my family of being members I would have pulled a sharp Sword but your reply to Sue sounded a lot like how the JBS responded when they were exposed as being run by Freemasons: “So what?”

And the real kicker:
“Masons care a lot about health related issues too.” And you claim to be Anti-Communitarian? Please! The main engine behind Communitarianism is Freemasonry!

Excuse me Niki, Just because they wear a damn soiled diaper around their waist and a painted tin can on their malignant head doesn’t mean that Freemasonry is going to save the planet. Freemasonry can get back on that Masonic velocipede of theirs and peddle back to hell where they came from. I’ll gladly scrap your site link off of Shock And Awe Graphics unless you recant your position, but I wont hold my breath. Three things I don’t put up with:

Jesus bashing
Apologetics to Freemasonry
And Jew bashing

I would have sent this as an email but your G-mail (Mason mail) said your email does NOT exist!

Niki Raapana said...

So, okay.... because I don't hate or bash the lower level masons, that makes me an apologist for the entire organization? Because I tell the truth about the local Christian church groups that work hand in hand with the community developers, and openly share their vision for our future... that makes me ... what again?

And no, I absolutely don't feel any desire to take a sword against my sister who thought she needed to tell me that here on my blog.

It's interesting that you are so quick to jump to conclusions before getting all the facts. But really, after almost 12 years of writing about communitarianism, I'm used to that happening.

My research shows the masons play a role, most definitely, but they do not play the only role. The religions also play a *major* role in the NWO. From the Pope to the local church here to the Methodist pastor in my last post above... to the Talmudic Jew who founded the communitarian the New Age of Aquarians... there's hard evidence to show these links.

Do I bash Jews because Etzioni's a Jew? No. Do I bash Christians because their leaders embraced communitarianism? No. Do I want to start bashing the guys on tricycles because the upper level masons are in on it too? No. That's your focus, not mine.

I've been studying communitarianism for almost 12 years. I've published hundreds of well sourced articles and research papers. You think you're going to tell me what the "main engine" driving it is?

The reason your emails bounce is because you spell my name wrong. You're sending it to nikraapana.

Niki Raapana said...

As for Jackson, I was wrong about the election, because it was the Anti Masonic Party that split the Whigs in 1831 and got Van Buren elected.,_1831_%28Federation_of_Nations%29

Jackson's campaign in 1828 was the dirtiest in U.S. history:

It's been a while since I looked at this part of history, but here's what I think confused me:

"The Anti-Masonic Party formed in upstate New York in the late 1820s, following the mysterious death of a member of the masonic order, William Morgan. It was believed that Morgan was killed before he could reveal secrets about the masons and their suspected influence in American politics.

The party, while seemingly based on conspiracy theory, gained adherents. And the Anti-Masonic Party actually held the first national political convention in America. Its convention in 1831 nominated William Wirt as its presidential candidate in 1832. Wirt was an odd choice, having once been a mason. And while his candidacy was not successful, he did carry one state, Vermont, in the electoral college.

Part of the appeal of the Anti-Masonic Party was its fiery opposition to Andrew Jackson, who happened to be a mason.

The Anti-Masonic Party faded into obscurity by 1836 and its members drifted into the Whig Party, which also opposed the policies of Andrew Jackson."

Anonymous said...

Just a story: I have a friend who is very much against the New World Order and the IRS and all that. She has paid dearly for her fight against all the evil. She told me her late father was a Freemason. He took it very seriously. When she was a girl he sent her off to attend the Freemason's meetings for young girls. It was either Rainbow Girls (???) or Job's Daughters. She did not like the organization and she told her father so. He was furious and made it clear to her that his loyalty was more to his Freemasonry than his daughter. I know man who is a Shriner. He is married and treats his wife kindly (as far as I know) but one evening at dinner she made the mistake of criticizing the behavior of some of his Mason buddies and he displayed serious anger. These Masons are real touchy about their religion.

Niki Raapana said...

Yeah, everyone's touchy about their beliefs and associations. My dad wasn't a mason (that I know of!) but his devotion to this country and our president was absolute, his 1st loyalty was to the U.S. Army, we came second.

Louis is furious with me now and wants to continue his tirade against me. He wants to chastise me for the way I present the Masons, and also for other links and articles I post. He assumes I endorse every link's content I have ever posted, unless I wrote a disclaimer about it.

Nothing I can do or say ever makes it *right* for people who insist I must follow their beliefs and can only write what they think I should write. I have no problem revising my work based on facts, or in admitting where my mistakes are. There have been many, and I'm sure there are more to come.

But, I will NOT be bullied into censoring my research because it doesn't fit with others' beliefs. If I was willing to do that I'd be getting paid to work for a mainstream newspaper.

Niki Raapana said...

Amyone interested in Louis's response can read it at his website:

If anyone can show me verifiable evidence from a source I can use that shows Dr. Amitai Etzioni is a Mason and that his Zionism and Fabian beliefs are insignificant to his promotion of political communitarianism and our *need* for a supra national system, I'll happily publish that here, and I will modify my argument to include the new information.

Niki Raapana said...

In all the years I've been studying LA21 and communitarian philosophy and law, I've met many people who are convinced there is only one group of bad guys behind the plot to destroy America.

Some writers blame only the Jews, while the official US govt blames only the Arabs/Muslims. Many American Christians claim it's Satan, some Protestants blame the Catholics, and many, many others insist it's atheist communists. Then there are those who blame Freemasons, and even the Aliens.

My focus has been on the laws that are being passed around the world and the programs under which they are introduced and adopted. All the rest of it, the "who's behind the NWO," was never as important to me as the actual and verifiable truth about LA21 plans.

I have tried to be respectful of everyone's theories, mainly because I am not an expert in any of them. There are bits of truth in most people's works, and yes, I do believe I've fallen more than once for some of the better lies. But I have never agreed to blindly hate any group of people because some fanatic tells me I have to.

I am convinced British, Jewish and Christian leaders have a major role in the emerging supra national governance model, but that doesn't stop me from making friends with British, Jewish or Christian people who, just like me, have no influence on the planners. I reserve the right to refuse to hate anyone I choose.

Louis Turner's "expose" of my "defending" Freemasonry should probably include his support for the "prophet" Ralph G. Stair.

Anonymous said...

Agree. R.G. Stair, aka Brother Stair has done much that deserves an expose. Most people have never heard of him but in his own little way he was wrecked havoc.